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Free State Patriots in Maryland 2012

Patriot Candidate Vetting - 2012

Free State Patriots in Maryland shows the way

for Liberty and Limited, Constitutional Government
In Maryland, PVC vetting is being coordinated by
Free State Patriots - a model for PVC vetting in other states as well

Dear Patriots,

In Maryland, PVC-affiliated 'Free State Patriots" has been using PVC vetting tools to compare and evaluate candidates during the primary elections in the state for all national offices.  The primaries were held on April 3, 2012. 

During this initial round of FSP vetting, three patriot candidates were endorsed: Daniel Bongino (US Senate); Joseph Krysztoforski (CD 06) and Larry Smith (CD 02)  Each candidate qualified by submitting the PVC type application and questionnaire; and participated in the follow-up candidate forums.  Following these forums, FSP members discussed the merits of each candidate, based on video and audio recordings that were made of each candidate at the forum.  Other patriot groups were invited to offer comment as well, to include them in this consensus vetting process.  The candidate endorsements were the positive results.

The April 3 primaries resulted in victory for Daniel Bongino (US Senate) in a crowded field.  He will now face radical socialist ideolog, and career politician, Ben Cardin in the general elections in November. Dan can carry the FSP endorsement into this race which will require "all hands on deck" for final victory, to continue the transformation of Maryland from socialist blue to constitutional conservative red

The FSP vetting data and documents are maintained at its website:

  Notice especially the video clips and other information that is provided about each candidate:  This same process can also be conducted in your state as well if you want.

Free State Patriots is not finished the vetting process yet, since several districts have yet to hold candidate forums.  These will be completed with the qualified patriot candidates who have won their respect district primaries.  In addition, the FSP hopes to re-vet in some districts where vetting did not result in a single endorsed candidate.  There is also one district where there is an incumbent candidate who may be suitable for FSP endorsement.

The Patriot Vetting Committee (PVC) stands ready to help patriot groups in your state to conduct the same type of consensus patriot vetting.   A strong consensus endorsement among patriot groups in your state could make the edge of victory in tight races for patriot candidates who are going to need all the help they can possibly get.

  For more details, go to the Patriot Vetting Committee website ,  Affiliate your group, and get on board in this vital fight for liberty and limited, constitutional government. Contact me directly if you have questions or would like personal discussion.

 Lee Havis
Patriot Vetting Committee
Free State Patriots
mobile: 240-481-1566

Qualify your group with PVC

Qualify as delegate to GOP convention!  Vital to have a strong team of committed patriots to choose the Republican nominee to run in November general elections for president of the United States.

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