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AgEnders NJ Newsletter 4-29-12

Dear AgEnders NJ:


Thank you for coming out to the Monmouth County freeholder meeting Thursday in Atlantic Highlands. There was an amazing number of people there. As you know, the Resolution Concerning UN Agenda 21 was withdrawn from the agenda at the last minute. If you are a Monmouth County resident, please take a moment to let the freeholders know we are still watching for this resolution. You might want to start by saying that it is essential they take a formal stand against UN Agenda 21 and its local funding and implementation methods. Also let them know you would like them to finalize this and vote on it no later than the May 10 meeting.

Email addresses: John Curley <>; Gary Rich <>; Lillian Burry <>; Serena Dimaso <>; Tom Arnone <>;



The following candidates have signed the RNC Resolution Exposing UN Agenda 21 or a similar statement denouncing the UN, Agenda 21 and any US involvement with this insidious foreign government.

·         Joe Rullo, Senate

·         Anna Little, CD-6

·         Mark D. Quick. CD-5

·         Ernesto Cuillari, CD-6

·         Bader Qarmout, Senate

·         Stephen Kozlovich, Freeholder, Union County

Please carry the RNC Resolution to every candidate event and get them to sign! And if they won't sign make them tell you why.



The State Planning Commission will meet on Monday, April 30, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.   The meeting will be held in Committee Room 1 of the State House Annex located at 125 West State Street, Trenton.  There is no vote scheduled on the agenda and there is no redline posted for public review. If you can go to the Monday meeting you can find out where this redline currently stands.

ANCILLARY INFORMATION: Two patriots were able to ask questions during Gov. Christie's recent town hall. One asked about the Foreclosure Act: would Christie veto it. He said he could not say, because he hadn't read the bill. (DISINGENUOUS!!)  The second questioner asked about the draft state development and redevelopment plan. He said he would speak with Lt. Gov. Guadagno about more meetings.


ACTION:  TUESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY this week – your direct grassroots action is extremely effective!!  Call and email on each of the 3 topics below. Each email should be about one specific issue only.

Please call and email the Governor's office and staff:

1.       Health care exchange implementation; Just Say NO and VETO this bill – HCEs are the foundation of Obamacare and we are universally opposed to implementing unconstitutional Obamacare

2.       Draft state development/redevelopment plan; it is not an "economic" plan, it is a top-down plan which will obliterate home rule and local governance. Ask him to tell Lt. Gov. we need more citizen input meetings, 1 per county at least, delay 6 months or more, complete rewrite needed; see Citizens' Draft Plan

3.       NJ Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act; Veto it; the bill is naked communism; will destroy the state; nicknamed Homeowner Equity Liquidation Legislation (H.E.L.L.)

Email: Governor Christie:

Phone: 609-292-6000. Call 24 hours and leave messages

Governor's Staffer, Jeanne Ashmore: Phone 609-777-2500



WANTED: Citizens to collect public financial and operating information. CAFRs. operating budgets, everything. Any and every town needed. If you want your town to withdraw from ICLEI, to reject the UN Agenda 21, to restore citizen-directed government, you must do this. Follow the money. If interested email .


These are more, much more, than the district budgets that you normally see. This is the method that Ocean County activists used to discover the hidden money flows that support UN Agenda 21-related activities and entities.



SUSTAINABLE DENVILLE NJ: DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THIS? Patriot "J" sent this to me. Another wake up call that sustainability is rooted in false science (there is no global warming emergency!) and is actively being pushed by the UN globalists and facilitating NGOs. (See attachment)



Shocking video: The shattered economy in northern Middlesex County. The filmmaker comments: "I made this for an older couple that lives in East Brunswick. So they could see what's going on within miles of their home. J&S I hope you liked it. And I was only able to show you 35% of what's really for sale in your area as there is NO Beethoven song long enough to show it all."



30 seconds says it all.

Many hardworking Americans, caught in the government-caused vortex of lost income, high real estate taxes, and declining property values have lost their homes.  Now Trenton seeks to reward the lowest rungs of society with the very houses these reputable working Americans lost. Agenda 21 social equity in action – also a communist property seizure action of which Josef Stalin would be proud.

AFP Takes on Sen. Lesniak over Foreclosure Scheme



VIDEO:  If I Wanted America To Fail << BRILLIANT! Show this to young people. Send to Gov. Christie and staff!



HOW AGENDA 21 IS ALREADY TRANSFORMING YOUR COMMUNITY: This 90-minute "show and tell" presentation demonstrates conclusively how state, federal and world leaders are interfering in every county in the U.S. to prod us toward a new kind of governance designed to bring about the destruction of America.  Learn why even local officials are unaware of what is happening and what you can do.



WISCONSIN FIREARM OWNERS MAKE US PROUD: Concealed Carry Program Celebrates 100,000th Permit
On April 20, Wisconsin's Department of Justice reached an important milestone, issuing its 100,000th concealed carry permit. After only six months, this record-breaking number of applications and licenses demonstrate the demand for these permits and the success of this program in Wisconsin.,000th-permit.aspx?s=&st=&ps=




EPA is creating an all-out social media propaganda campaign targeting the ill-informed (which does not include you, dear reader). But consider what damage is wrought on susceptible minds with this nonsense. If your group isn't using all the social media today, you're already behind in this game.  

Earth Day was April 22, and The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created a compelling video to help spark ideas about what people can do every day to help protect the planet.

We also have a discussion board to expand the conversation on environmental issues facing Americans today.

If you'd like to join our efforts through social media, share your ideas on EPA's Facebook page:!/EPA

Please share this information in your social networks. Here are some examples of posts below:

·         Facebook: Join the conversation! EPA has created a place for you to talk about environmental issues and share environmental tips you use every day. Watch the video:

·         Facebook: Expand the environmental conversation. EPA has created the "EPA Conversations" discussion board for environmental issues, topics and green living tips:

·         Twitter: Look #BeneathTheSurface. Check out EPA's #EarthDay 2012 video.

·         Twitter: Join EPA's new discussion board and watch their #EarthDay 2012 video.





Check out this disinformation/propaganda organization: United Nations Association of the United States.  These are the folks who bring the Model UN program to your high school. If you see it run away. Convince your school not to participate. We not only have the APA and ICLEI training people on how to lie better about what they are doing, we now have our government doing the same thing.  (Agenda 21 Just The Facts from the website above)



Commissioner in Oklahoma GETS IT




The citizens of this country have not been so divided since the Civil War. This will be the dirtiest Presidential campaign in our history, negative and rife with voter fraud.  EVERY patriot needed, NOW.  Register to vote and register others. Get involved in your Tea Party/912/liberty group GOTV efforts.  If your group doesn't have a GOTV effort, ask if you can organize the effort.  Call your Supervisor of Elections and sign up.  Call a campaign and get your feet on the street.




The Obama campaign is using a phony "project" costing $8 billion taxpayer dollars to postpone the cuts to seniors in Medicare advantage until after the election:

Pretty simple right?  Well, here is how the liberal MSM is spinning the same $8 billion scam:



Declaration of Universal Rights of Mother Earth. Want General Assembly of UN to pass it at upcoming Rio conference. It would be funny if these people were not serious and did not control large portions of our government.



Shelly Kennedy Cummins

AgEnders NJ
Bayshore TEA Party
Twitter  @AgEndersNJ    @Bayshore_TParty



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