Thursday, August 18, 2016

McAuliffe Throws a Tantrum

Rob Bell for Attorney General

Dear Robert,

On Monday, Governor McAuliffe lashed out at the Supreme Court for daring to rule in our lawsuit that his executive order on felons was unconstitutional. McAuliffe called the Court "scared" and complained that "they don't even talk about my authority."

These remarks prompted a media firestorm. Calling it a tantrum, a Virginian-Pilot columnist wrote: "Instead of insulting the justices who ruled against him and trivializing their decision, McAuliffe should apologize to Virginians for trampling on their constitution and vow not to do it again."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch stated McAuliffe was "climbing once again into his high chair to bang his spoon and bawl." The paper helpfully noted that the Court did talk about the Governor's authority starting on page 14 of the decision and continuing on for another 16 pages -- "You just have to read the opinion."  A columnist added that Gov. Terry McAuliffe "isn't letting the facts get in the way of a rant."

McAuliffe is wrong and he knows it.  Once we filed suit, the Court ruled his executive order was unconstitutional because it did in fact exceed his power under the Constitution. As the court wrote, "Although the Governor is entitled to champion his views, he cannot do so in contravention of law." 

Enough is enough! We'll continue to review McAuliffe's actions, but you can tell McAuliffe to stop complaining and to follow the Constitution. E-mail McAuliffe here


Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

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