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Dinesh D'Souza Webinar 8/4, More

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8/4                 Dinesh D'Souza Webinar
8/13               Irish Festival (ATP booth)
9/8                 Dan Johnson, Tax Revolution Institute ($)
9/10               Martha Boneta's Liberty Farm Festival ($)

Action Alert

Help Complete Trevor Loudon Film

8/4                Dinesh D'Souza Webinar

From Tea Party Patriots - 

I just got off the phone with conservative filmmaker and best-selling author, Dinesh D'Souza and he wants you to jump on a webinar with us this Thursday evening at 8pm EDT.

Join the Call - Register here

Dinesh's new film Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party was just released less than two weeks ago and it has already achieved the top-grossing documentary of the year.

Please join us for this very special conversation where you'll hear all about the new film and even have a chance to ask Dinesh your questions.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you on Thursday night at 8:00pm EDT. Be sure to sign up today!

In Liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin


8/13               Irish Festival (ATP booth)

ATP will have a booth at the Irish Festival in Old Town where you can rub shoulders with fellow Tea Partiers and educate the public about our core values. An evite has gone out to ATP members.   


9/8                 Dan Johnson, Tax Revolution Institute ($)

From Sevil Kalayci
'Spotlight on Special Americans' speaker series
Chapter Leader Virginia Liberty Project -

Now the Executive Director of the Tax Revolution Institute, Dan Johnson is the driving force behind TRI's promise to fix the Tax System for all and, to hold the IRS to a standard of integrity and transparency.  
Harvest Moon in Falls Church

Details later.
n.b. - Sevil holds her events in the evenings and usually charges around $15 for the food.   


9/10               Martha Boneta's Liberty Farm Festival ($)

From Martha Boneta -

We are proud to announce the first annual Liberty Farm Festival, to be held on September 10th from 12-6 PM.

Please join us for an afternoon of bluegrass, BBQ, local wines, hay rides, pumpkin patch fun (including a pumpkin chucker), 9/11 and police tributes, Scottish/Irish bagpipers, and our Virginia republican November election candidates!

Invited VIP Guests:
We'll be welcoming a ?? SECRET HEADLINER SPEAKER ??, to be announced just prior to the festival...stay tuned to see who it is!
Additionally, besides our election candidates, our invited VIP guests include:
Republican state delegates and senators, Dave Brat, Pete Snyder, Jim Gilmore, John Hager, Ken Cuccinelli, Bob McDonnell, George Allen, Jamie Radtke, Admiral Ace Lyons, and others!

More info and registration here -


Help Complete Trevor Loudon Film

From Trevor Loudon -

Hey Guys, 

This is the update on where we are at with the film and the help we need from YOU to get it done. 

It is going to take 60k for finishing the movie and the start of hiring our public relations team. Which is  is going to get Trevor some serious media coverage. 

If we can 60k ASAP, this will put us toward a Sept. 1st release date. We are at the point where we need these funds to complete the film! 

This is our remaining budget: 

10k  Motion Graphics (2 Week Turnaround)
12k  Audio mixing/mastering and color correction
8k    Remainder of editing
10k  Media/Public Relations
10k  Licensing of content/music for film
10k  Insurance

We have been producing the film incrementally over the course of the past year and 1/2. Since we did not have all the funds at once. The good news, we are under budget. 

Once we get this film done and out as soon as possible....We are going to book Trevor on a 75 city tour showing the film all over the country. We have several organizations that are going to help us promote it when finished. 

You can help by donating, or you can invest. If you are interested in investing, please call me ASAP. 

As an activist and someone who believes in Trevor's message. The  Enemies Within  MUST be exposed, and we are the only ones putting together the puzzle for the American people. The other films that are out there have COMPLETELY missed the mark. I am sad, and proud to say that Enemies Within will be the only film out this year that truly explains the whole story, names actual names, and tells you how those enemies are betraying us from within our own government. 

We are near the finish line. Please help us cross! 

If you donate $5000, Trevor and I will come do a private screening of the movie in your home or venue. 


Judd Saul



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