Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BREAKING -- We’re Taking McAuliffe Back to Court

Rob Bell for Attorney General

Dear Robert,

This morning, we Republicans in the General Assembly filed a contempt motion in the Virginia Supreme Court against Governor Terry McAuliffe.

On July 22, the Court ruled that McAuliffe's executive order restoring voting and jury rights to 206,000 felons was unconstitutional. Instead of complying, McAuliffe ridiculed the Court and said "I cannot accept" the ruling. He then reissued restoration orders for 13,000 felons, using the same criteria as in his original unconstitutional order.  He has promised to move forward with the remaining felons on his list.

McAuliffe's lawless behavior cannot stand! When we originally sued, it was because McAuliffe's executive order was a blanket restoration and therefore unconstitutional. He cannot get around the Court's ruling just by spreading his unconstitutional order over 13,000 sheets of paper. The Constitution and the rule of law apply to everyone, even the Governor of Virginia.  The Court should use its powers to enforce its original order.

Enough is enough! Stand with us and tell McAuliffe to follow the Constitution. Sign the online petition by clicking here.


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