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FW PAC Newsletter: Election 2016


Hey Robert,

Congress has been out of session for the last week, but that doesn’t mean that the action has stopped. In fact, we’ve got a lot of news to update you on.

FL-Sen: Rep. Ron DeSantis

The third quarter numbers just came out, and there is good news and bad news. Liberal Democrat Alan Grayson raised almost $1 million last quarter. The DeSantis campaign raised an impressive $750,000. While the conservative champion in this race had a solid quarter, it by no means locks him down for the Republican nomination, as former lobbyist and current Congressman David Jolly raised $440,000.

In addition to that, Rep. DeSantis, has been hard at work campaigning across southern Florida. In fact at a recent event, Rep. DeSantis made an excellent point when he said: “If you look at Washington right now, we do not have a system that the Founding Fathers envisioned, where people go to Washington and be part of the servant class. Instead, we have a permanent political class that fashions itself the rulers of the people."

Rep. DeSantis is a principled man. He’s a veteran who has served his country in Afghanistan, and keeps serving it in Washington. His efforts fighting for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom have truly made a difference. Just this year, he’s fought to repeal the Death Tax, stop Common Core, and put an end (once and for all) to Obama’s abuse of executive overreach.

This is going to be a close election, and the most recent polling still has it as a three-way tie. And this election could well decide who controls the Senate in 2016. If you’re interested, in supporting Rep. DeSantis you can do so here.

NC-11: Rep. Mark Meadows

You’ve heard a lot about Rep. Mark Meadows over the course of the past few weeks. You know him as the man who introduced the resolution to unseat John Boehner. Well, last week he got some good news when a group of Republican members in the North Carolina General Assembly signed a letter thanking Rep. Meadows for his “undying support for Conservative ideals and willingness to champion the same [ideals] against the status quo and gridlock in Washington.” 17 members of the General Assembly signed this letter including the Majority Leader.

This is great news for the conservative firebrand from North Carolina, because this shows that while Boehner’s DC cronies may be trying to get their revenge, North Carolinians are willing to stand with a conservative leader in Congress. If you’re interested in standing with Rep. Meadows, you can do so here.

KS-01: Rep. Tim Huelskamp

Rep. Huelskamp’s establishment-backed primary challenger had a great quarter. Unfortunately, he raised $150,000 in his attempt to beat one of the most principled, and conservative members of Congress. But the fight is not over. Rep. Huelskamp still has significantly more resources than his “moderate” opponent. In fact, he’s primed to win his re-election. But we need to be vigilant. In 2014, an establishment SuperPAC spent over $233,000 in its fight to defeat Tim Huelskamp.

And they may try again. We’ve already told you about Huelskamp’s pivotal role in defeating Boehner and McCarthy. But we wanted to update you on some of the other votes that Rep. Huelskamp has made this year. Huelskamp voted to repeal the Death Tax, end wasteful Amtrak subsidies, and to limit Obama’s unconstitutional spy program.  If you want to help re-elect Rep. Huelskamp, you can do that here.

IN-03 Open: State Senator Jim Banks

I wanted to make sure you got another update on State Senator Jim Banks. If elected, Banks will be the next great member of the House Freedom Caucus. His career in the State Senate has shown how willing he is to fight for principle and what is right. And we have some good news: one of his opponents has already dropped out of the race. That means that this primary election just got a little easier. But it’s not over, because there are three other candidates still in the race.

Jim Banks will be a great member of Congress. He’s put his career on the line before, and he will do it again. If you want to support his campaign, you can do so here.

VA-07: Rep. Dave Brat

Rep. Dave Brat was on Fox News Sunday last weekend, and he got into it with Boehner crony Rep. Charlie Dent. You may remember Charlie Dent as the Congressman who said, "We may need a bipartisan coalition to elect the next speaker." That’s right! This man, who has routinely criticized conservatives like Rep. Brat, openly discussed forming a coalition with Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, to elect the next Speaker of the House. This is why the hard work of conservatives like Dave Brat is so important. Brat fought to stop Boehner, he fought to stop McCarthy, and he’s keeping the fight alive to reform the House today.  If you want to chip in and help out Rep. Brat, you can do that right now. 

These are the people that will make freedom work.

Adam Brandon

Chairman,FreedomWorks PAC


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