Wednesday, October 7, 2015

David Miller past D candidate for Fairfax Clerk of the Court charged as co-conspirator in 3 frauds totaling over a million dollars,

Richard (Dick) Saslaw D-Fairfax served in VA House of Delegates 1976-1980 and has been in Senate since January 1980.
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Lynn Wallis Miller the Treasurer for VA Sen Richard (Dick)  L Saslaw and her husband David Miller are facing charges on three fraud schemes in excess of 1,000.000.


Dear Robert,
From 7/1/13 to 6/30/14 Dick Saslaw's campaign took in $494,880 of donations an average of $41,240 per month.
Between June 2013 to September 2014 Linda Miller aka Linda Diane Wallis issued 73 campaign checks for $653,000 an average of $40,813 per month to two dummy law firms, The Straile Group and Federal Legal Associates neither of which appears in a search of the Virginia State Corporation Commission website.
Dick didn't notice. As Hillary said about General Petraeus' progress in Iraq to believe this requires  "a willing suspension of disbelief"
So for 16 months virtually every dollar coming in had an equal amount of fraudulent dollars going out and nobody on the campaign noticed. Luckily the FBI did. 
We are aware of the double standards in VA politics, our governor Terry McAuliffe got $8,200,000 from a $100,000 investment in Global Crossing LTD in 1999 but he was not brought up on charges of insider trading because he was the head of The Democratic National Committee and the number one fundraiser for the Clintons.
Governor Bob McDonnell did not break VA law and he is going to jail for two years.
Then we have the conviction of Tyler Harber who managed the campaign of Chris Perkins in VA's 11th Congressional district. This is not only the first conviction ever in the United States for coordination of campaign contributions between political committees it is the first ever prosecution attempted.
It is within the realm of possibility that Dick was just an innocent victim but my CPA spider senses are tingling.
David Miller was the Democratic 2007 challenger for Fairfax Clerk of the Court. Mr Miller had an IRS tax lien of $38,000 which he denied having any knowledge of but which caused him to be replaced on the ballot in August of 2007 by Dale Evans (not Roy's Partner). In David Miller's disclosures for that race in 2007 he listed his income from his lobbying and law firm, Federal Legislative Associates between 50,000 to 250,000. Note this name is close to Federal Legal Associates one of the "fraudulent" companies that Dick Saslaw's campaign funds were written to.
I've always wondered how many politicians who make modest salaries can become millionaires, VA State Senators make just $18,000 a year. I wonder what Dick Saslaw knew and when did he know it.
I've heard it said that the Republican Party is the Stupid party and that the Democrat Party is the evil party.
I for one am not voting for evil.
We can't trust the Washington Post to break this story, we need citizens to fight for truth and justice and the American Way of Life.
So please spread this story widely.

My goal is to educate my readers, 

Our country's future looks bleak but the right policies can turn things around quickly. In December of 1982 the US had its highest post depression unemployment rate of 10.8%.

In September of 1983 the US created 1,114,000 jobs and in 1984 our economy grew by 7.3%

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