Monday, October 20, 2014

What is a District Captain

Convention of States Project

Virginia needs District Captains in each and every voting district.  What does a District Captain do, you might ask. A District Captain is a leader. A District Captain rallies people to join the Convention of States Project. To encourage people in making a difference for State and Country. The job is to encourage people to sign up as supporters and volunteers for the Convention of States Project. We ask for a hundred people in each district, but I would hope that their would be more.

The District Captain encourages those people that sign up as volunteers to email, and call their Legislators. This is done because, it is important for our Legislators to see and hear from the people they represent. Going to town halls and hearings during the General Assembly is important as well. All of this is important to do, because if we don't do this, our Legislators will continue to ignore us. If we are actively engaged, they see and hear that the people who they represent in their prospected districts care about what is happening in their state. If you are not involved in the process, then they can continue to ignore you, and do as they please. They can not ignore you, if you are front and center.  Doing nothing allows them to take your freedoms. Being engaged protects your freedoms.  Asking your legislator to support a Convention of States will insure we have the chance to pass the Convention of States this year. 

Our Founding Fathers gave us Article V, the tool to protect our Freedoms. In Article V the process of Convention of States lays out the way to push back on an abusive Federal Government that we have now. They gave you the tool for you to stand up and speak out. Let us not ignore this process. Let us use it to the best of our abilities. 

Please join us today as a District Captain for your voting District and make a difference for State and Country.  I would be eternally grateful, as the country would be grateful for your leadership in serving as a District Captain.


Kathy Lee 
Virginia State Director
Convention of State Project

Convention of States Project · PO Box 1073, Purcellville, VA 20134, United States
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