Friday, October 31, 2014


Convention of States Project

he season has changed and the leaves are falling and there is a coolness to the air.  We too are changing. We have become aware that our Government is not changing, unless we too become involved.  I am happy to report that Convention of States Virginia has added five new District Captains in the State, in just one week. These are five people, that have committed themselves to taking responsibility to help change our country.  It is up to the people to fix what is broken in Washington, and in Virginia.  

It is up to our elected representatives to follow the constitution and lead with integrity, and honor. They seem to have forgotten how to do that.  If you have been following the news you know of all the dishonest things that are happening around the Country.  The people can change this.  All they have to do, is to decide to take an active role in speaking up for what is right.  Joining the Convention of States as a Volunteer, or a District Captain is a way of doing that.   As a volunteer, you call, visit, and email your legislator to let him know how you feel about COS. If your legislator doesn't hear from you, he/she usually votes the way they feel and not the way you feel.  You have to give your input to make things matter the way you feel about your country. If we are to have the Convention of States Project passed in February in the 2015 General Assembly, then we have to be involved to make it a reality.  Last year it passed in the  State House, but the State Senate did not allow it to go through.  I hope with your involvement we can have it pass  fully in the State.  What an accomplishment that will be.

I hope you will make that happen, by becoming involved and taking responsibility for positive change. It takes people and lots of them to accomplish this. Please talk to your neighbors and coworkers, friends and family about Convention of States. We have grown here in Virginia to 3,000 members. Help me increase this number.  If you become a District Captain, you are responsible for rallying people in your voting district. You organize your team to increase numbers of people volunteering. You get them to email, call or visit their legislator.  You get to help make Convention of States happen, by helping to increase our numbers. Become a District Captain and a Volunteer. Help make Positive Change happen.

In the General Assembly, our legislators gather round to vote for or against Convention of States Project.  They hold a hearing to discuss whether to do this. If you show up and fill the room, then they can visually see the people care about getting it passed.  If the room is empty of people, then they could decide we don't care enough to get Convention of States Passed. I pray that the hearing room will be standing room only, with so many of you filling it to show them that you care. To show them that you want Convention of States Passed. It only takes a little of your time, but that time is so precious, and valuable. 

I know the Founding Fathers will be so proud that we the people followed Article Five of the Constitution and made a positive change for our country.  Like the changing seasons we will once again spring forth to an America with honesty, integrity, pride and honor, only if we take part to see that it happens.

Thank you to those of you who have signed up and thank you to those who will be signing up. God Bless.

Sincerely Grateful,

Kathy Lee
Virginia State Director
Convention of States Project

Convention of States Project · PO Box 1073, Purcellville, VA 20134, United States
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