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Stop corporate welfare
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You Beat the EPA

When the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a new rule allowing bureaucrats to garnish your wages without due process, patriots like you were outraged.

The EPA shouldn’t be able to steal money from your paycheck without proving that you did something wrong. It’s a simple American principle the bureaucrats forgot.

That’s why grassroots activists fought back. In just 24 hours they sent almost 10,000 messages to the EPA demanding the new rule be stopped. In the end, their voice was heard.


The EPA formally announced it will stop this radical new power grab. The radical agency will not have the authority to garnish your wages without proof of criminal activity. Because of your pressure, the bureaucrats will have to follow the Constitution.

You took action when your rights were in danger. You made the EPA listen.

This is how grassroots activists take their country back. 

Stop Corporate Welfare

At the end of September, the charter for the Export-Import Bank expires.

This might be the biggest grassroots fight of the year. For decades, the Ex-Im Bank has used YOUR tax dollars to give hand-outs to Big Business. It’s time to stop this corporate welfare.

Conservatives are gearing up for a big fight to stop the Ex-Im Bank. And your representatives need to know where you stand.

This isn’t a Democrat versus Republican issue. It’s about free markets versus big government. The government shouldn’t be in the business of choosing winners and losers. As Senator Mike Lee says, “When US manufacturers can obtain financing in the private marketplace, we ought not have a government agency set up specifically to do this.”

Mike is right. And it’s time to put an end to the Ex-Im Bank’s corrupt business model.

You can take action and read more about why the Ex-Im Bank needs to be shut down here.


A Night of Action

“We Will Not Conform” is only two days away!

Patriots across the country are getting ready for the biggest anti-Common Core event of the year. Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks are teaming up to give you the insights and strategy needed to defeat the federal education takeover.

Just this week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill into law eliminating Common Core standards from the state. Missouri joined Indiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina in rejecting the federal standards. We are making progress in the name of education freedom!

Now is the time for action. Join Glenn Beck and other conservatives this Tuesday to learn how we can stop Common Core.

You can still get tickets here.

Beck Common Core Fathom Convio


cucinnelli_video.pngThis week's video highlights FreedomWorks' new effort to educate citizens on the judicial process. Staring former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the video goes over modern issues facing the current American judicial system.

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