Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Lame Duck



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No Lame-Duck

This week, the House of Representatives may try to pass a short-term government funding bill with little debate. The leadership in both parties wants a "must-pass" funding bill to come up after the November elections, so that they can attach bad policies to it and not be held accountable.

This is irresponsible. After the election, politicians in DC will pass whatever they want. They are too scared to pass an Internet sales tax, or the reauthorization of the crony Ex-Im Bank before Americans go to the polls. They want to sneak it in under our noses.

Protecting our freedom means being vigilant. We need to be ready to stand strong against this big government overreach when the time comes – that means stopping a lame-duck session of Congress.


You can read more about why lame-duck sessions of Congress are detrimental to liberty here.

Protecing Your Email Privacy

Do you know why the government shouldn’t be able to read your email without a warrant?

For starters, the Constitution protects innocent citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures.

But it’s also important to keep the government out of your email so that bureaucrats don’t abuse the information. A government that collects private information on its citizens is a government that’s too big.

Obama’s NSA is out-of-control. His snoops may be monitoring your emails, phone calls, and internet browsing history. We need to put a stop to this.

Check out why you should support the Email Privacy Act and keep the government away from your electronic records!


A Night of Action - An Encore

Last Tuesday, tens of thousands of patriots across the country came together to develop a plan to stop Common Core. They joined freedom fighters like Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe in a live, interactive show called “We Will Not Conform: A Night to Make Common Core History.”

Did you miss the exciting night of action?

If you did, don’t worry!

This Tuesday, July 29, 2014, there will be an encore presentation in movie theaters across the country. You can still catch the show and learn how you can stop Common Core in your school district.

You can get tickets to an encore presentation of We Will Not Conform here.


A Big Victory for the Grassroots

Grassroots conservatives scored a huge victory this week.

In Georgia’s 11th District, conservative candidate Barry Loudermilk won the Republican nomination. This was a hard-fought battle against a former DC insider. Grassroots support put Barry over the top and helped him secure the nomination.

Check out all the work FreedomWorks for America activists did to help Barry Loudermilk move one step closer to going to Washington!



judiciary1.pngThis week's video features FreedomWorks' new effort to educate citizens on the judicial process. Staring former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the video goes over the history of our judicial system in America.

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