Saturday, May 10, 2014

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Firewire from THE BLAZE May 10, 2014
Bold 14-Yr-Old Confronts School Board After Dad's Arrest
Marina Baer watched her father get dragged away by a police officer after he violated the two-minute rule at a school board meeting in Gilford, New Hampshire. The dad, William Baer, was speaking out against the sexually graphic content found in a book assigned to his young daughter. Earlier this week, 14-year-old Marina confronted the school board, telling members: "I honestly don't feel safe around you people." Watch the video of Marina's confrontation HERE.
Watch The Left's 'Gun Show Loophole' Myth Get Demolished
MRCTV's Dan Joseph recently traveled to a gun show to "see how their safety and sales operate." What he found is antithetical to the left's claims about the so-called "gun show loophole." So, what's the process of buying a gun from a vendor at a gun show? You can find out HERE.

Martin Luther King III left MSNBC host Toure stunned on Friday when he told him it's important for blacks to "be engaged with the Tea Party." King's comments came after Toure asked if the Democratic Party has done enough to justify the overwhelming support it sees from the black community. King's response to this question -- and a question about the Tea Party being racist -- is revealing. Watch the interview HERE.

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HBO's Bill Maher battled the liberals on his "Real Time" panel last night, arguing that the Islamic religion tends to influence horrific acts of violence and has become the "elephant in the room." The mostly liberal panel, which included Dinesh D'Souza for "balance," landed on the topic while discussing the radical Islamic group Boko Haram and its kidnapping of the young girls. Watch the entire tense segment HERE.

On Friday, Glenn Beck had an emotional reaction to the latest news regarding Comcast, which is in talks to merge with Time Warner Cable, and HGTV, which recently canceled a show revolving around two Christian brothers. "I am seeing the game from the inside, and it's despicable," Beck remarked on his radio program Friday. Watch the entire emotional speech HERE.

Never mind what you actually text or say on the phone -- now even the way you tap, hold and move it can be tracked. A U.S. research team revealed your smartphone and tablet's "tilt" and "swipe" motion sensor data -- which cannot be blocked -- can be used to track your movements and even determine your passwords. Should this be outlawed? Learn more HERE.
The Obama Lie So Bad It Earned A Whopping '4 Pinocchios'
President Obama earned "four Pinocchios," from the Washington Post Fact Checker, the highest ranking for a political lie, for asserting that Republicans filibustered 500 pieces of legislation. So, just how big is this particular exaggeration? Learn the details HERE.
Big Development In Controversial Shooting Of Texas Farmer's Dog
Officer Jerrod Dooley of Rains County, Texas, ignited a public firestorm after he shot Cole Middleton's cattle dog, Candy, after claiming the animal "charged" him as he was responding to a report of a burglary at the residence. Learn what's happened to the remorseful officer HERE.

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Watch this Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor get "schooled" by a black GOP delegate on the "racist record" of his own party HERE.

Can A Comedy Without Nudity And Crudity Be Box Office Gold?
Movies aimed at faith-based and family audiences sometimes get a bad rap from critics who say they're poorly produced, rarely attract all-star talent and are often so heavy-handed that they alienate non-Christians and end up simply preaching to the choir. But a new film, "Moms' Night Out," can prove that movies don't have to be crude to be funny. Watch two movie trailers (and believe us, you WILL laugh!) HERE.
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