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Being Impactful: Nationally, Statewide, and Locally

May 06, 2014

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A Quick Update
The Nation:

Delegate Scott Taylor joined Uma pemmaraju Saturday and Gretchen Carlson Monday on Fox News to discuss the Benghazi scandal. The group he chairs, OPSEC, had been leading the charge on Benghazi to get answers, helping Congressman Frank Wolf to go from 30 co-sponsors to over 180 on his HR 36 to establish a Select Committee. 

"Quite frankly, I don't care about political ramifications, this was the right thing to do, getting into the fight, saving American lives who were under fire. That is what we do as Americans", said Taylor.


"I applaud Congressman Wolf's relentless pursuit of justice, and our own Congressman Scott Rigell for co-sponsoring HR 36. Trust in government is paramount, and it is becoming increasingly clear there was abuse of power and violation of trust at the highest levels and accountability must be achieved".  Scott Taylor


Former Navy SEALs Finally Get Congressional Inquiry
Delegate Scott Taylor on Fox News Discussing Benghazi and Select Committee



The more Virginian's learn about Obamacare and Medicaid Expansion the stronger they reject it. 


Democrats in the Senate and the Governor continue to hold Virginia's budget hostage with Medicaid expansion. The more Virginians learn Medicaid expansion is partially paid for via reductions in Medicare payments, is largely for able-bodied childless adults, and will increase their own healthcare payments, the more they oppose it. Reduction in healthcare costs, reduced indigent care, and  can be achieved by working together


"Whether you are for or against Medicaid expansion, it is irresponsible to hold up Virginia's budget over legislation that could have been proposed during the normal session. Localities deserve a promptly passed Virginia budget, so they may pass their own, rather than a Washington-style political impasse". Scott Taylor


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Virginia Beach:


Delegate Taylor held meetings with Virginia Beach economic development department and representatives from George Washington University to help shepherd the University to open offices at Virginia Beach town center. While no ink has been signed, both sides are working towards the common goal of a GWU presence in town center.


"Under the leadership of the hard charging Vice Admiral (Retired) Mel Williams, the already military friendly George Washington University is taking great strides in serving those who have served us in over 13 years of war and beyond". I look forward to this prestigious school setting up shop in Virginia Beach, close to the largest Naval contingent in the world". Scott Taylor


Click Here To Learn More About GWU's Military Programs 





Delegate Scott Taylor


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