Thursday, May 8, 2014

A new Contract with America STRIVE

Winning votes with STRIVE for America
Strategic Tax Reform Incentivizing
Valuable Employment
A New Contract with America


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Geddes for Congress

The Democratic Party divides and conquers.
We in the Republican Party need to unite
and win.
The Contract with America nationalized local
Congressional elections. For the first time
in 40 years we took the House turning 54 seats.
I am attempting to win a primary without any 
endorsements so that my STRIVE plan can 
come from an honest broker unaffiliated with
establishment Republicans or tea party activists.
There are so many perverse incentives in our
tax code, in Obamacare etc that win votes for D's
but in the long run enslaves their voters.
Reagan, Gingrich made the case that the
Federal Government was killing our economy.
There has never been a more obvious case of 
bad policies having disastrous results than under 
the Obama regime. George Orwell, Ayn Rand,
Aldous Huxley warned us but yet here we are.
I had emergency colon surgery on 4/11/11.
That event & 11 months of recovery woke me up.
It made me fearless. It inspired me to write a
tax plan and run for Congress.
I don't wish a health scare on anyone but I have
never felt a stronger purpose. My health is
just fine now but that event has made me live like
I am dying. Don't wait for a health emergency start
living like your country's future depends upon it.
Because it does.

Less taxes and less regulation worked then and will work now.
5/10/14 a time for choosing, of the three candidates:

  • My tax and financial experience will have the greatest appeal with the most voters in the general election because the House of Representatives' main job is to control the purse strings.
If you are a delegate on May 10th
I am asking for your vote.


Let's S.T.R.I.V.E. for America
Strategic Tax Reform Incentivizing Valuable Employment-STRIVE

Gerald R. Geddes (metaphorical bomb thrower)*
Candidate for United States Congress VAs 11th district

*Gerald Geddes has no ties to actual bomb throwers unlike Obama whose political mentors unrepentant Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn led the Weather Underground in 30 bombings including the Pentagon.
*Hillary Clinton has ties to FALN bomb throwers who perpetrated 138 bombings in the U.S. President Clinton pardoned 16 unrepentant FALN members.

Geddes for Congress

9695 Main St. Suite A
Fairfax, VA 22031

Gerald Geddes is seeking the Republican nomination to run in VA's 11th Congressional District.
The seat is currently held by three term incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly.


Send donations to:

Geddes for Congress
c/o DB Capitol Strategies PLLC
717 King Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314
No cash or corporate checks.
Provide full name, address, occupation, and employer. 
Treasurer Dan Backer
Not tax deductible.
Max contribution is $2,600 per election per individual ($5,200 for Convention plus General Election).

Treasurer Dan Backer


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Geddes for Congress
9695 Main St. Suite A
Fairfax, VA 22031

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