Wednesday, March 5, 2014

VA-ALERT: VCDL in the news on the McAuliffe amendment

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Julian Walker with the Virginian-Pilot was on the story fast. Here is coverage of Tuesday's VCDL legislative action item. BTW, as of 11:52 PM Tuesday night, 5 hours after the alert item, a total of 1,469 of you have sent a message to your Delegate to reject the Governor's amendment. If you haven't yet done so, click here to send the prewritten message:

Coverage of the story:

From the

McAuliffe amendment irks Cline, pro-gun group

A proposed amendment Gov. Terry McAuliffe appended to a bill clarifying the so-called "guns in cars" law of 2010 has angered its patron and gun rights advocates alike.

Republican Del. Ben Cline's HB 962 attempts to make it clear gun owners can store weapons in their vehicles provided they are secured in internal compartment that does not have to be locked.

Cline, a Rockbridge County Republican, said he filed the legislation in response to a 2013 court case where the "guns in cars" law was at issue.

McAuliffe's recommended change to require that guns be stored in "locked" containers has drawn the ire of Cline and the pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Cline in a brief interview Tuesday evening said McAuliffe has taken a simple "clarification of existing law . . . and decided to hijack it to pursue a gun control agenda."

The VCDL e-mail likewise expresses annoyance.

"Governor McAuliffe made his first suggested amendment to a bill awaiting his signature. What is his first suggested amendment as Governor? Gun control," the message reads.

"The amendment is clearly meant to poke gun owners in the eye! Not a good way for McAuliffe to start off his tenure as Governor, but not unexpected either," adds the e-mail, which urges recipients to ask legislators to reject the amendment.

Legislative amendments recommended by the governor are returned to the General Assembly for consideration.

If McAuliffe's amendment is rejected, he can let the bill become law in the form it was first sent to him or veto the measure.

Overriding a veto takes two-thirds majorities in both chambers -- Cline's bill passed the Virginia Senate 27-13 and the House of Delegates 70-27, both margins near that threshold.

Noting the legislature approved then-Gov. Bob McDonnell's change of "locked" to "secured" in the 2010 legislation, Cline is hopeful the legislature will sustain his bill if it comes to that.

A McAuliffe spokesman did not respond to messages seeking comment Tuesday evening.

-- Julian Walker

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