Monday, June 10, 2013

VA-ALERT: VCDL-PAC Primary Endorsements

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Primary -- Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are in the fight for our lives -- the fight for our gun rights -- the
fight for freedom.

We have some particularly bad candidates in this primary. Sadly, in
only two cases do we have distinctive candidates, so we have only been
able to make endorsements in two races.

The first is the need to unseat long term incumbent Republican Delegate
Joe May from Virginia's 33 House district, which covers western Loudoun
County, a swath through northern Clarke County, and northern Frederick
County as far west as Winchester -- all in Northern Virginia.

Joe May has proven, over and over, to be a very reliable anti-gun vote.

Joe May voted to continue the unconstitutional one gun a month law.

Joe may voted against the repeal of the restaurant gun ban.

Joe May also refuses to fill out the VCDL Candidate Survey.

Fortunately, we have a strongly pro-gun candidate running against him in
TOMORROW'S Primary Election. That person is Dave LaRock. He is solidly
pro-gun, and not only did he return the VCDL Candidate Survey (unlike
Joe May), he answered it 100% correctly.

Please vote for Dave LaRock if you are in the Virginia 33rd House
District on Tuesday.


The other VCDL PAC endorsement is in the 15th House District. Both
candidates filled out the VCDL Candidate Survey. The 15th House
District includes all of Page and Shenandoah Counties and portions of
Warren and Rockingham Counties.

Delegate Gilbert is on the Militia & Police Committee and sits on the
pro-gun Subcommittee Number One. We choose to endorse Delegate Gilbert
because of his history of supporting gun owners. It was a clear choice
although his primary opponent is likely to be good as well.

When Delegate Hope tried to ban guns from the Virginia General Assembly
Building, when Delegate Gilbert's turn to speak came up, he (politely)
dressed down Delegate Hope, calling the GAB "The People's House." We
have a friend in Delegate Gilbert.


We need to make a last minute push on both of these candidates. We have
already dropped expensive mailings in both districts. We need to pay
for them in the next 30 days. So PLEASE, send a generous donation to the
PAC so we can keep up this fight. We prefer to contact our members, gun
rights supporters and drop direct mail rather than giving money to
candidates. We get "more bang for the buck" by targeting our message
carefully. We were able to make significant changes at the Republican
Convention in Richmond recently because of your donations. If we didn't
get them, we would be worse than broke right now.

We will also have the General Election expenses,, which will be the
steepest of all, so please give generously.

Remember to vote Tuesday, June 11, and to ask your like minded friends
to do the same. Please support Dave LaRock in the 33rd House District.
It would be great to remove anti-gun Delegate Joe May.

Please support Delegate Todd Gilbert in the 15th House District.

Finally, please support the VCDL PAC.

To donate, go to:

If you want to give using PayPal, after logging into PayPal, send
money to


Bob Sadtler
Chairman, VCDL-PAC

Authorized by the Chairman, VCDL-PAC, VA 01-042
Paid for by the Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC
NOT authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

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Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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