Monday, June 10, 2013

VA-ALERT: Enough is enough - false attacks on Del. Gilbert

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I have bitten my tongue as long as I can, but enough is enough!

For some reason unknown to me, or the VCDL Board, or the VCDL-PAC, or several other national gun organizations that I've been talking to, two gun organizations have been attacking Delegate Todd Gilbert for supposedly voting to "support President Barak Obama's anti-gun agenda." Mostly it has been a postcard and robo-call campaign.

I guess it must be my own lying eyes deceiving me, because I have seen JUST THE OPPOSITE over the years! Gilbert was busy swatting down gun control like so many worthless flies and voting correctly on the pro-gun bills.

According to the two groups, Gilbert supposedly voted against one of Delegate Bob Marshall's pro-gun amendments to an appropriations bill.

Not so, says Delegate Bob Marshall himself! Also Gilbert was one of the very few, Delegate Marshall told me, who voted in a Floor voice-vote to keep one of Marshall's key pro-gun bills alive and away from an appropriations committee. (The bill was Delegate Bob Marshall's bill that would have prohibited state and local government employees from aiding federal agents in enforcing federal gun control passed after 2012.)

Those who know Bob Marshall know that he doesn't pull punches and will call a spade a spade, period. If Bob Marshall says that Gilbert voted correctly, you can go to the bank with it.

I have worked with Delegate Gilbert over the years to defeat a multitude of anti-gun bills. He has done a great job in doing so. Also as a freshman, Gilbert carried a VCDL bill to allow college carry. Most freshman won't take on a mere clean up bill, much less a hard hitting bill like that!

Is Gilbert perfect? No. There are two issues that VCDL has had with Delegate Gilbert over the years. One was when he voted to carry over a VCDL-backed universal CHP recognition bill (where Virginia would honor the CHPs from all other states) in 2011. Bills that are carried over almost always die and that bill was no exception. His vote on that bill was disappointing and I told Gilbert and all of you that on VA-ALERT back when that vote happened. The other issue was a vote this year to send Delegate Marshall's bill HB 1557, which would have required schools to have at least one qualified person in each school that could carry concealed, to the Governor's School Safety Task Force. Gilbert said he as concerned that the bill might force someone to carry who didn't want to. Again, VCDL publicly expressed its disappointment with that vote.

However, those two anomalies aside, Gilbert has worked to kill countless anti-gun bills over the years. He has also worked *actively* with VCDL to get many pro-gun bills signed into law.

To say that Gilbert would push any Obama anti-gun measures is ridiculous on its face.

This is not meant to be an endorsement of Gilbert by VCDL (separately, however, the VCDL-PAC has endorsed him). But Gilbert surely doesn't deserve to be pounded for a bunch of trumped up and/or false claims by groups apparently wanting to simply raise some money.

If you would like to contact Todd Gilbert about any of this, his email address is:

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