Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thank You


Dear Friends,


Thank you for the hospitality and listening ear of so many across the Commonwealth, over the past year. It was a privilege to run for the office of Lt. Governor.


Although I had certainly looked forward to a different result at our recent Convention, it has been a blessing to meet and talk with thousands of Republicans and conservative activists from every part of the Commonwealth. Many, many of you have become my friends.


Whether you supported my candidacy or that of another Republican, your participation in this process was and is essential to our goal of electing men and women who share our conservative principles and values to public office.


The first order of business before us is to pull together to support and elect our Republican ticket in November, along with increasing the Republican majority in the House of Delegates.


I encourage you to join me in volunteering with your local Republican committee or nearby Victory office to make phone calls, knock on doors, and do what Republican grassroots activists do so well: talk with each and every voter in our areas.


There is a difference - a big difference - between Ken Cuccinelli's vision for Virginia and Terry McAuliffe's vision. Ken trusts people in their communities, on their farms, and in their businesses to provide the innovation, hard work, and capital to create jobs and get our economy growing again. Terry McAuliffe trusts government.


Ken Cuccinelli trusts parents and families to make the best decisions about education and health care. Terry McAuliffe trusts government to make those decisions.


It is up to us to talk with our neighbors in our place of worship, at work, at sporting events, and in our neighborhoods.  It is up to us to carry our ticket's message in a way that will persuade voters and get them to the polls.


Ken, E.W. and Mark need our help to win in November. Let's give them that help.


Thank you again for the privilege you have given me. I will always be grateful.  


Steve Martin

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