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RE: 89th Dekegate deadline is October 19th 5pm

Robert Alexander, Alexander of York

I forget his phone#, but I CC'd him so maybe he'll send it to you.


This is what he did, the picture quality is my fault. I should fix that before this Thanksgiving.


Glenn McGuire



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Thank for the info Glenn, it was nice meeting you last night. Could you also send me your web page developers contact info?


Thank again 


James St. John

On Oct 2, 2012, at 10:16 PM, Glenn McGuire <> wrote:

Your filing deadline is the 19th of this month, @ 5pm.

Send them 250 if you need 150. Of the 5 Libertarians that sought running as Delegate, only me and Mike Kane got on the ballot. 1 didn't get enough and 2 did have enough valid.

Some legal stuff,


Maps of District:


Good luck. I only had 5 weeks to get the petitions signed after redistricting was complete, but you have only 2. The LP has received a form letter that gives you permission to get signatures at the DMV and of course the rules you agree to follow while at a DMV if that's where you choose to get signature. Another option is going door to door, these have a higher valid rate because even if they don't know what district there in; you went to the house an  you know what district it's in.

If you are a member of the LP that wants to remove the current drug laws, low income apartments are a good place for signature.

The TLP has many members that know how to get signature and have them notarized, if they like you they may help.


If you were to seek the LP nomination and 'L' designation on the ballot, to do things by the book you would need a special meeting in the 89th before the 19th deadline to vote on it. That's not the normal 3+ weeks' notice we prefer, but things happen.


<Petition of Qualified Voters legal size.pdf>

<Petition of Qualified Voters letter size.pdf>

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