Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Clear Choice

October 6, 2012

Dear Friends and Fellow Virginians,

It's easy to get caught up in the hype that is the presidential race. It's neck and neck and we need to make sure we're doing everything in our power to push Mitt Romney over the top.

As an engineer, I'm all about efficiency.  So, while you're out canvassing your precinct for Mitt Romney, make sure to talk to your neighbors about George Allen's pivotal Senate campaign.

As you know, George worked hard while he was Governor to reform welfare and education, and abolish parole.

Tim Kaine's term as governor was forgettable, at best. If you're being critical - Tim Kaine left Virginia much worse off than when he began office. Virginia lost 100,000 jobs during his tenure. He even resorted to closing rest stops instead of tackling the budget with real reform.

His final "gift" to Virginia was a $2 billion income tax hike that Governor McDonnell had to undo upon our arrival in office.

During his last year he left Virginians behind so he could be the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Luckily for America, that didn't work out so well for him... In 2010 Republicans won in landslides across the country.

Let's be clear, Tim Kaine is a party loyalist through and through. He puts the Democratic Party's interests above those of Virginians.

He's supporting massive cuts to the military in the form of sequestration: across the board cuts with absolutely no thought to where the actual waste is. This would put our national defense in a perilous position.

As Obama's cheerleader, he backed the "stimulus" packages that have only further indebted our nation and jeopardized our children's future.

Now Kaine is running ads portraying himself as fiscally conservative. Seriously?

Does anyone really think that Tim Kaine is going to spend less money than George Allen?

It's time that we restore some sanity here. This November there's a clear choice for Virginia's next U.S. Senator: a liberal loyalist that puts the interest of his party first, or George Allen - with a real record of making tough decisions on serious reform.

If that's not motivation enough, here's another fact for you. Remember the Supreme Court case that upheld the Federal Healthcare Bill in June?

Of course you do. It was a heartbreaking loss for conservatives. However, all hope is not lost.

Mitt Romney has been saying that he'll repeal the Federal healthcare bill on day one of his presidency. In order for him to repeal a law, he needs a bill to hit his desk.

The Supreme Court upheld the bill by ruling the mandate as a tax. A tax bill is a revenue bill. Revenue bills only need 51 votes to pass - they can't be filibustered. That means if we get 50 Senators and Paul Ryan as the tiebreaker, the Federal healthcare bill will be repealed.

Virginia is sending a new U.S. Senator to Washington. It will either be Tim Kaine and a vote for the Federal healthcare bill, or it will be George Allen and a vote to repeal this abomination.

I've been to every part of Virginia the past three weeks. My grassroots sense is that this is a close race, but George has a slight edge.

I'm a grassroots guy. I know that Virginians appreciate the fact that George has been to every nook and cranny of the Commonwealth over the past year. I know because I run into him everywhere!

There's no way Tim Kaine can make up the advantage that George has over him from visiting all over Virginia. Kaine understands that. That's why he spends most of his time raising money from liberal special interests and attacking George on the airwaves.

I don't want to let Tim Kaine buy this election. We need every single Republican to turnout on November 6th to support George.

There's a little over one month left until Election Day. Every second counts! Donate at and take action today!


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

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