Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Top News: Bleak Numbers May Signal an Oncoming Recession - Or That One is Already Here

Today's Top Stories

Bleak Numbers May Signal an Oncoming Recession — Or That One is Already Here

By Christopher Matthews

New data give support to those who believe the U.S. economy is already contracting

After Sarkozy, Will France's Conservatives Turn to the Far Right?

By Bruce Crumley

Warnings of "anti-white racism" by one of two contenders for the leadership of France's main conservative party sparks controversy

After November: Five Mideast Headaches Looming for the U.S.

By Tony Karon

Last week's U.N. General Assembly session served up reminders that the next White House may have little option but to deal with a number of crises previously deferred

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By Adam Sorensen

With the presidential contest static, the parties try to invent an advantage. Wall Street likes to do it too. San Antonio mayor Julian Castro will keynote the Democratic convention, Elizabeth Warren will open for Bill Clinton. Clinton returns to ’93 inauguration levels of popularity. Congressional report will lay Fast and Furious blame on five senior [...]



Spain's Anti-Austerity Movement Rocks Madrid

Protesters marched on the Spanish parliament in opposition to new austerity measures, but were confronted with violence from riot police.

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