Friday, July 13, 2012

Fund Raiser for Ralph Carter at next meeting

Fellow Patriots,

Some members were not able to attend our last meeting and want to donate money to help Ralph with his expenses to the Republican National Convention.   Our next meeting is this Monday 7/16/12 and we will be passing the hat to give everyone a chance to donate.  If anybody missed my last email about this I have included it below.  Hope to see you at the meeting.

Wayne Cunningham

Email I previously  sent:

As most of you may know, Ralph Carter was elected as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention Representing the 4th Congressional District of Virginia.  The Convention will be held in Tampa, Florida August 27 to 30, 2012.  The Republican Party does not pick up the tab for the delegates so Ralph will have to pay his own way.  From what I have heard it will cost on the low end from $2000 to $2500 for the Delegates to attend the convention. 

Most of you that know Ralph like I do know he would never ask anyone for anything.  He finds a way to make it work.  Several people asked me if we could collect some money at our meeting to help Ralph with his expenses.  Ralph is always there to help anyone that needs it so I think this would be a good chance for us to give back to Ralph for all that he has given in his time and money to the Chester Patriots. 

We will be taking donations at our next meeting on June 23rd.  We will take cash but checks would be best.  Make checks payable to our treasurer Mary Henrich.  The two people in charge of collecting the money will be Mary Henrich and Jacqueline Whitmore.  If you prefer to donate online you can donate at the Chester Patriots bookstore where a Donate button has been set up.    

 I know times are hard now; if you can't give money, give Ralph your support and prayers.  If you can donate money to help Ralph with the expense of the trip, it would be greatly appreciated.    


Wayne Cunningham

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