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                     Important Information for America's

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July 14, 2012


Dear Conservative Leaders and Fellow Americans:

The time has arrived to reach out to Americans beyond the conservative circles in a decisive and direct way using all means possible and in non-traditional ways.  We cannot afford to concentrate our efforts in providing information only to conservatives.  The left is using un-conventional means to reach out and convince uninformed Americans that their lies are truths.  Various groups have conducted preliminary research into how the left is successfuly reaching out with their misinformation to the American public and below we have provided suggestions on one way to try to neutralize the left and liberal media.







The idea behind the truth squad is a simple one.  Using social media the truth squad would respond, in English (for example to the Hufftington Post and in Spanish for example to the Univision blog on Obama), to assertions made by the most popular liberal websites with facts, news articles, videos and charts. Using search categories and website popularity tracking, we found that conservative media are way behind in popularity compared with liberal sites.  This explains why we are not getting our message out to important segments of the population. Our current focus on "preaching to the choir" gains us little.  We need to reach out to others beyond the conservative circles by all means possible.                                                       


The liberal media continues to expand, Univision and ABC have teamed up and come to an agreement to provide information to bilingual Hispanics starting online and going to TV stations soon.  Univision has also bought a conservative Hispanic radio station in Miami and removed most reporters in an effort to suppress the conservative information.  This merging liberal effort will have a premeditated permanent brainwash effect upon millions of Hispanics around the country.      


It is reported that the left has dedicated bloggers that are working full time on responding to articles and posts on the internet sites.  We must neutralize this liberal information by using the same tactics. Our conservative groups and individuals must unite and conduct joint operations in order to bring out the truth.  When someone posts a blog in one of the liberal sites, it fans out to hundreds of sites and the posting is not challenged by anyone.  We need to be on those sites, providing the truth, with a cadre of bloggers dedicated to daily, eight-hour-a-day blogging. In this regard, motivated concerned students and computer savy individuals would be a good source of helpers, although anyone who is willing can do it.


Using information from the websites of Americans for Prosperity, Bear Witness Central ,     Heritage Libertad, Libertad USA, Liberty CounselSouth Florida ConservativeThe Heritage Foundation and other conservative informative websites, the Truth Squad would use facts to answer claims from liberals on major websites.  Bear Witness Central and Libertad USA communication sites draw articles and information from major organizations, dozens of conservative sites and other conservative article contributors in one location, therefore, these two sites could be a central location for sources of information that bloggers could easily use for the operation. 


The main idea is to place just enough information (a paragraph) in the posting with a link to draw their interest into our conservative websites for the whole article. Besides getting the truth to people that need it most, this back link will also provide increased popularity to the conservative websites and higher rank in the internet search engines. With only a few months before the Presidential Elections, it is time to neutralize the progressive's miss information. 


The target of the Truth Squad would be the largest Hispanic & English websites (determined by numbers of hits to the websites and standing in where people post comments to articles or questions posed by those running the website (for additional information please contact us).  There should be another similar effort using Twitter and Facebook to combat the continuous and daily liberal misinformation campaign.  This program would accomplish three things:


1 – Start organizing and educating voters and the general public on which sites to go to gather information; how to use social media to spread factual information and refute liberal claims; start organizing the general public into powerful information centers.


2 – The education process would provide voters and the general public with factual information about actual results of liberal actions and not the emotional arguments made by liberals for more and larger failed and failing government programs.


3 – Improve the search engine popularity of the conservative websites used and increase the visitors to those websites to get the conservative views that will make a difference in November.


This idea should be pitched to small and large conservative organizations to each recruit several people or interns to do the job as well as single individuals concerned with how America is being dismantled. Based on the search recently done, we strongly believe that a well- designed and organized national social media campaign can deliver what we need to reach out to Hispanics, blacks, other minority groups, youth and undecided voters in only a few short months. The longer the left and the liberal media remain unchallenged, the stronger their ideology populates America.  It is up to us to reverse this course. The battleground is the internet and the tools are Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites. Let us use these tools to inform and educate those who need it most. It will make a difference in the presidential election.


Bear Witness Central

Libertad USA

South Florida Conservative









Provide the conservative information to Hispanics by telling them about Libertad USA


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