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And the choice for VP is...


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Grassroots Action Alert
July 26, 2012

In This Issue:

1.Your VP Poll Results

2. Could Obama's Lies Propel Him to 2nd Term?

1. Majority of Tea Party Selects Marco Rubio as VP

A report from Liberty News Network

Grassfire Nation, our parent company and one of the largest networks of conservatives with more than 1.8 million members, just completed its July political survey and the findings are incredibly interesting. Of the respondents, 73.9% “closely identify” with the ideas of the tea party movement. 15.9% are currently active within the tea party movement in general.

Q) Do you consider yourself to be part of the Tea Party movement?

1) YES, in that I identify closely with the ideals of liberty and limited government – 40,577, or 73.9%

2) YES, I am actively part of the Tea Party movement – 8,748, or 15.9%

3) Undecided – 4,000, or 7.3%

4) NO, the Tea Party movement does not represent my values – 1,614, or 2.9%

The following question was asked about the ideal pick for Vice President on the GOP ticket. A total of 54,523 responded.

Q) From the following choices, name the individual you would most like to see Mitt Romney choose as his vice-presidential running mate:

  1. Marco Rubio – 36.6%
  2. Allen West- 23.4%
  3. Condoleezza Rice – 18.2%
  4. Paul Ryan – 5.2%
  5. Chris Christie – 4.1%
  6. Bobby Jindal – 3.6%
  7. Scott Walker – 3.1%
  8. Rob Portman – 1.5%
  9. Mitch Daniels – 1.3%
  10. Nikki Haley – Less than 1%
  11. Susana Martinez – Less than 1%
  12. John Thune – Less than 1%
  13. Bob McDonnell – Less than 1%
  14. Cathy McMorris Rodgers – Less than 1%

2. Could Obama's Lies Propel Him to 2nd Term?  

 From the desk of Steve Elliott, President and Founder Grassfire Nation

Without question 69 Obama Lies has been the most explosive, most eye-opening resource Grassfire has ever produced. However, after two intense print runs that resulted in nearly 50,000 copies being distributed around the world, we are down to our final 5,000 copies ...

Heading into the November election where we believe every vote will count, we are asking key members of our team to help us put these remaining copies into the hands of patriots who still may not know the depth of deception of our 44th President.

Shortly after launching 69 Obama Lies, we received this email from S.M. in New Jersey, who wrote, "I vote democrat. I voted for Obama. This book opened my eyes. Obama will not get my vote in 2012."

In looking at the few thousand remaining copies of 69 Obama Lies, we can't help but wonder if each booklet represents a vote!

That's why we are putting out an urgent call for members of our team to help us get the truth found in this powerful resource into the hands of your friends -- conservatives and liberals alike who have not yet read 69 Obama Lies.

Take advantage of immediate shipping and order 5, 10, 20 or more booklets and hand them out to friends and family members. We heard that at least one member of our team ordered a box of 69 Obama Lies and displayed the book in his waiting area. Another took "handfuls to church and business meetings!"

We are just 14 weeks to the most important election in our lifetimes, and I want to make certain we are doing everything in our power to lift the shroud of mystery that still surrounds Obama.

I believe 69 Obama Lies is the most thorough "vetting" of Obama's actual words in print. And I know it is going to outrage the Left because we actually hold Obama accountable for what he said ... from his socialist underpinnings to his disdain for the free market, to his nefarious ties with Reverend Wright, ACORN, and terrorist Bill Ayers, it's all here -- in his words -- free of Leftist spin.

ACTION: Order your personal copy of "69 Obama lies by clicking here. Or, help us get the truth found in this potent resource into the hands of fellow patriots before the November Election. Go here now for special pricing on multiple and bulk orders.

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