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Newsletter Week Seven Update 2023

I am now out of session, I can now fundraise, and I can finally fully commit my time to the campaign!

Click here for most read/ shared email I've ever sent.
Light is the Best Disinfectant

Please share this email with those who question my conservative record. My rebuttal email (click here) with just facts to the Duane Adams attack email received more opens/shares than any email I've sent in 6 years.


"Thank you for taking the time to address Duane Adams’s email.  Your email was factual, supported with evidence, concise, and did not personally attack your opponent but was professional. I respect and appreciate that approach. It is refreshing! I know a lot of time went into this email, time you could have spent elsewhere, but it was definitely necessary. Just wanted you to know we appreciate all you are doing … you are doing a great job! Praying for you!"


The funny thing is Duane went on the radio with Joe Thomas just five days after his attack email on me and said he would not do mudslinging. Then today people received a laughable attack mailer at their home from Duane with four misleading points. I am 100 percent pro-life with a 100 percent pro-life voting record over six years. I am 100 percent pro-gun with a 100 percent pro-gun voting record over six years. Duane continues to follow the Democrat maxim, accuse others of what you are guilty of. I will not get involved in mudslinging but I will expose and hold my opponent accountable for his record.

After you read my email click here, check out the ridiculous spin/ response below from Duane's consultant Chris Shores to my just facts email. Notice he left out a whole lot, including Duane has raised taxes in Louisa by 40% and used your money to buy influence across the county. He also left out Duane ran as a Democrat in Hanover County against Republican Frank Hargrove.
Click here for the Senator Dick Black letter on Democrat Duane and why Dick Black endorsed me in the Farmville Herald paper.

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It would be an honor to serve you as State Senator District 10. You can access an archive of previous newsletters at the bottom of each newsletter to learn more about me, my voting record, and what I've been up to. Sign up for the newsletter via email at Please share this newsletter with potential delegates via the following weblink: View as Webpage
"I prefer dangerous freedom over a peaceful slavery."
-Thomas Jefferson
2023 Session Update Week 7 Final Week
We Have Adjourned
On Saturday February 25, the General Assembly adjourned Sine Die from the 2023 legislative session without a budget deal. Bills that passed are now headed to the Governor to sign, amend, or veto. The House and Senate will reconvene for "Veto" session on April 12th to review the Governor's actions.

Unfortunately, we were not able to repeal a law that links Virginia vehicle emissions to California vehicle emission standards. I'm running for State Senate so we can repeal this horrific mandate and un-California Virginia.

Everything is more expensive and Governor Youngkin’s wants to give Virginians an additional $1 billion in tax cuts to the previous $4 billion the legislature enacted last year. This is the biggest disagreement between the two chambers.

If legislators are able to come to consensus, Youngkin could call the legislature back to vote on it in a special session. That budget amendment bill could bring with it a number of significant items, including another round of Youngkin administration-backed tax cuts for individuals and possibly corporations, as well as more funding for schools, mental health care, and more. Right now it is a battle between both sides over tax cuts.

Thank you, to my incredible team of staff and volunteers, for helping us to get things done every day for Virginia. 
Success for Farmers
A bill HB 1485 I chief co-patroned with Delegate Webert passed the General Assembly to help farmers by extending the deadline to comply with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan.
Rob Bell Retiring
People say I am a hard worker, but they must not know the hardest worker Delegate Rob Bell. It has been an honor serving with Delegate Rob Bell in the Virginia House of Delegates. He had a huge impact on all of us and he fought harder than anyone to ensure victims had a voice. Thank you for your service to our Commonwealth Sir!
Kentucky Revival
The 2023 Asbury Christian revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky gives me hope. It was sparked by students spontaneously staying in Hughes Auditorium following a regularly scheduled chapel service. The Asbury President Kevin Brown sent out a brief two-sentence email: “There's worship happening in Hughes that was shared all over social media. It was attended by approximately 50,000-70,000 people. Learn more click here.

A missionary's perspective click here.
A bill HB 1606 I Chief co-patroned with Delegate Tata to define anti-semitism passed the House and Senate.
Session/ District Photos
Go to to download a delegate form for my May 6 convention.
The hounds visited the Capitol with avid horse rider and First Lady Suzanne Youngkin.
A chocolate 45 pistol on the floor. #2A
What do you think of Trump going to Ohio and Biden going to Ukraine?
Goochland Tea Party Monthly Meeting
We met with some amazing patriots at a Leon Benjamin fundraiser including General Michael Flynn, Senator Amanda Chase, Don Blake, and more. Thank you Leon for stepping up to serve and advance conservative voices in the 4th Congressional District.
We should all ban diversity, equity, and inclusion statements in our country. The word equity in this context is the same as communism.
My District 56 Page Anna sat in my seat when House Pages presented their resolution.
A view from the nearly renovated General Assembly building and the all new tunnel to the capitol under construction.
You have to admit, this is pretty cool. Way to go Michael Jordan! #GOAT
Communism: The number of people killed by the Communist governments of the world amounts to more than 94 million. The statistics of victims include deaths through executions, man-made hunger, famine, war, deportations, and forced labor. Anyone who resisted collectivization must be eliminated and were named as enemies of the State, of communism, and of society as a whole. Sounds like the woke diversity, equity (communist), and inclusion efforts we are dealing with today. Marxist ideologies infiltrating our country must be called out and stopped at all cost.
Prayers Needed in Louisa County
Louisa County mourns the heartbreaking loss of a Louisa County High School student Chase Luck. Four other students were in the hospital. Now one remains in critical condition. Please pray for those involved and their families

Senate District 10 Update:
We will have a convention for State Senate District 10 at 10am on May 6th, at Buckingham High School. The address is 78 Knights Rd., Buckingham, VA 23921. You and your friends cannot vote unless you complete the delegate form.

Please print the PDF form here, fill it out, and reach out to our team at or call 804-588-2646 to turn in your form. ***YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A FEE.***

*Also, please consider printing out extra forms for family members and friends. You can also drop your forms off at one of our meet and greet events.
I am committed, as your Representative, to adhering to the principal duties of government, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, i.e., the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I look forward to seeing you around the district. In the meantime, please continue the teamwork, and let me know what you are thinking. You can reach me during session through my Legislative Aid, Archer McGiffin, at, or 804-698-1056. 

Thank you, once again, for allowing me to serve you.
God Bless America,

Delegate John McGuire
Running for State Senate D10 in 2023
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Business Owner
America 1st
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100 Speech
NFIB 100
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