Friday, March 10, 2023

Endorsement Alert

I am now out of session, I can now fundraise, and I can finally fully commit my time to the campaign!

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Delegate Form County Deadlines:

Saturday, March 11 - Prince Edward. Wednesday, March 15 - Cumberland, Goochland. Friday, March 17 - Buckingham, Louisa, Fluvanna, Appomattox.
Monday, March 20 - Hanover, Amelia. Friday, March 24 - Powhatan.

William G. Boykin Lieutenant General (Retired) US Army
Dear Friend,

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Brother in Christ and fellow special operations veteran, William Gerald "Jerry" Boykin, retired American Lieutenant General. He has an incredible lifetime of service to our country, including thirteen years in Delta Force. He is now working to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and culture, across our nation, from a biblical worldview. Learn more about General Boykin click here.

General Boykin resides in Senate District 10 in Prince Edward County and is currently Executive Vice President at the Family Research Council.
"I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Delegate John McGuire's candidacy for Virginia Senate District 10. As a fellow veteran, I am grateful for his 10 years of service to our nation. As a Navy SEAL, John has demonstrated incredible bravery and dedication defending our nation on missions across the globe. When he was told after an accident that he would never walk again, through the grace of God, he was able to overcome his injuries and get back on his feet. Our shared values of life, family, and religious liberties are under attack like never before, and it’s going to take men like John McGuire to fight for them. I know the same spirit that sustained John McGuire on missions overseas, and the grit and determination that he showed in coming back from a serious injury will serve him well in the Virginia Senate. I wholeheartedly endorse Delegate John McGuire's bid for election to the Virginia Senate District 10 and I encourage others who care about the preservation of our Republic to do so as well."

For America,
William G. Boykin Lieutenant General (Retired) U.S. Army

Paid for and Authorized by Friends of John McGuire
SD 10 Convention Update
We will have a convention for State Senate District 10 at 10am on May 6th, at Buckingham County High School. The address is 78 Knights Rd., Buckingham, VA 23921. You and your friends cannot vote unless you complete the delegate form.

Please print the PDF form here, fill it out, and reach out to our team at or call 804-588-2646 to turn in your form. ***YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A FEE.***

*Also, please consider printing out extra forms for family members and friends. You can also drop your forms off at one of our meet and greet events.
I'm running for State Senate so we can un-California Virginia. It starts with election integrity. For a better future, we must win back the Virginia State Senate in 2023 and stop the madness. I invite you and your friends to join me in this cause. 

I am committed, as your Representative, to adhering to the principal duties of government, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, i.e., the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you, once again, for allowing me to serve you in the Virginia House of Delegates. Take care, please spread the word and I look forward to seeing you around the district!
Click here for my response with just facts to a false attack email sent by my Louisa opponent, the most read/shared email I've ever sent.

Click here for WRVA interview where I discuss my campaign and a few of my successes with John Reid March 10, 2023.
God Bless America,

Delegate John McGuire
Running for State Senate D10 in 2023
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Business Owner
Pro-Life Speech
America 1st
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100 Speech
NFIB 100
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Paid for and Authorized by Friends of John McGuire

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