Wednesday, December 30, 2020

"The courage to change the things I can ..."

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Dear Friend of TJI,

The “Serenity Prayer” describes the challenge – and the conflicting advice – in what we do here at the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

On the one hand, our defense of freedom must be without reservation. We should not accept less.

On the other, the path to defending freedom demands focusing on what we can change first. The Left wins the policy chess game not because they put us into “checkmate” now … but because of what they did 18 moves ago putting them into position to win now.

That is how we seek to operate at the Thomas Jefferson Institute.

Fighting for that which cannot be immediately achieved certainly gets our blood going, and do “lay down markers” making clear the dangers of liberal policies.

But what really gives us a thrill is actually winning on policy in an adversarial environment, reducing the influence of the Left, and preparing for the time when an informed electorate will truly understand the dangers of big government and its natural extension in socialism.

That is why we are thrilled to see Governor Northam take a pass on again raising gas taxes this year through the Transportation and Climate Initiative … but we will keep up the fight to have Virginia withdraw from that program.

It is why we are thrilled to have created the program, educating teachers about their right to leave the leftish NEA to join an independent, non-political teacher association – and to see more than $100,000 in dues money leave with them in just four weeks.

It is why we are thrilled to have had nearly 100 commentaries or news articles published in real newspapers with a circulation of six million Virginians – because it means we are reaching not just those who agree with conservatives but also those who would agree if they clearly understood what we stand for.

Which brings us to this:

I know you will receive many emails today and tomorrow, urging you to make an “end of the year” gift to a non-profit. There are a great many worthy non-profits.

But I hope you count the Thomas Jefferson Institute among those worthy non-profits. We have long considered you a partner in the battle to preserve liberty in Virginia and we’d welcome your financial partnership as well. 

Knowing of your support and knowing that you share our goal of strategically advancing the fight for freedom … will strengthen our team as we head into the next General Assembly session.

You might even say we would be thrilled to have your financial partnership in the battles that lie ahead.

Christian N. Braunlich

PS -- President Trump has made these donations easier this year by signing a law permitting even those who take a standard deduction to deduct $300 per taxpayer ($600 per couple) in charitable deductions – so you receive credit even if you take the standard deduction. Please consider making your gift today by clicking here.

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