Sunday, February 25, 2018

See you in TWO Weeks?

Friends ~ You know sometimes liberty's worst enemy is government!  Nick Freitas, has shown himself to be a vigilant defender of liberty - whether it's property rights or 2nd Amendment rights, he's always been on the RIGHT side - our side!  We could so use a Senator in Washington who thinks & acts like NICK in place of Hillary's running-mate, Tim Kaine!  Please mark your calendar and come meet the Freitas family just two weeks from today. I promise you won't be disappointed! Looking forward to seeing you! Sue Sherrill  *PS, See note below...

Sunday, March 11!
Delegate Nick Freitas 
Candidate for GOP Nomination for US Senate
Sunday, March 11
2 - 5 PM 

✫ Free to the Public            
 Ample Parking                 
 No Night-time Driving!  

Middlesex Shooting Sports Club
Bring your family!  Bring a friend! 
More about the Candidate:
Twitter: @NickForVA

Hosted By Middle Peninsula Grassroots for Nick Freitas
Sue Sherrill 804-815-9329 📋 Join US! 

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