Thursday, February 1, 2018

Robert, Need Local Currency Money For Your Foreign Travels?

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Dear Robert,
One of the most common questions we receive when members are planning a trip overseas is, "how much money will I need while traveling?" We've found that most travelers plan to spend at least $100 of local currency per day when traveling to foreign countries. So, if you're planning a trip abroad, let us help you get the right type of currency you need in advance, and spend more time enjoying your vacation, and less time waiting at the local ATM. Need a better reason? Any currency that isn't used, can be sold back to Travelex (our service provider) upon your return.
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Benefits of Purchasing Foreign Currency through AAA
money bag
You can choose from more than 70 currencies in various denominations
You'll be prepared for incidentals like tips, cab fare, and snacks upon arrival
Save Time
It's easy, quick, and convenient, plus, it saves you time while traveling
Plan ahead, and purchase foreign currency in advance of your next trip with help from AAA!
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The local AAA motor club (AAA) sources its in-branch foreign currency from its service provider, Travelex Currency Services Inc. (TCSI) (d/b/a Travelex Worldwide Money), 122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2800, New York, NY 10168. AAA is an authorized agent/delegate of TCSI. The exchange rate used for foreign currency orders is determined by TCSI in its sole discretion. The exchange rate used may vary from other exchange rates in existence globally and online and in-branch rates may differ. Foreign currency orders are non-refundable and AAA does not repurchase foreign currency. For certain transactions a shipping fee from $15 - $18 and/or a non-member transaction fee of $15 may apply. All fees will be itemized on the customer order form. Information about state specific consumer disclosures, licensing, and compliance for TCSI's products and services is available at
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