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FCRC Chairman Candidate Hannigan’s Response to Bearing Drift Article About Fredy Burgos’ Religious Statements

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Dear ,
An unsigned article posted in Bearing Drift on February 11 charges Fredy Burgos, a member of the Republican State Central Committee and a supporter of my campaign for Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC), with a “long history of bigoted remarks.” These remarks included a recent statement saying Christians are allowed to have a “duty” to prefer “Christians over non-Christians as political leaders.” Mr. Burgos quoted a similar statement by John Jay, the First Chief Justice of the United States.
The Bearing Drift article also suggests that Mr. Burgos also argues against “Cultural Marxism,” saying this term has been used by anti-Semites to attack Jewish people. It goes on say Mr. Burgos has been making these statements in the context of the race for FCRC Chairman, which pits me, a Christian, against Mike Ginsberg, a Jew.
The article goes on to point out that Mr. Burgos has been an active supporter of my campaign, and urges me “to swiftly distance (myself) from the bigoted attack on (my) opponent by denouncing Mr. Burgos.”
I take seriously the allegations of bigotry against Mr. Burgos and his advocacy of “a religious test for office.” I denounce these statements as presented in the article and have removed Mr. Burgos from my campaign.
I talked with Mr. Burgos after the Bearing Drift article was published, and he said some of the statements in the article were factually incorrect and others were taken out of context. As the person accused of wrongdoing, he should have the opportunity to make his case.
Accordingly, I will seek to have a competent, impartial investigator gather relevant facts from:  1) interviews with Mr. Burgos and those who have made these charges of malfeasance against him, 2) reviews of past media and social media postings by all relevant persons, 3) past charges leveled against Mr. Burgos, 4) records of Mr. Burgos’ experiences working for the Republican party, and 5) any other germane source.
I will ask the investigator to assess these facts and recommend to me whether Mr. Burgos’ actions do or do not warrant any further work in my campaign, the FCRC (should I be fortunate enough to win the Chairmanship, and the Republican Party.
In cases of alleged serious wrongdoing or impropriety by Republicans, especially when they involve sensitive issues such as religion and bigotry, it’s critical that Republican leaders denounce such behavior immediately to ensure nobody perceives it as being acceptable. That’s why I have denounced the behavior described in the allegations made against Mr. Burgos and removed him from my campaign.
At the same time, to guard against jumping to conclusions based on incomplete evidence of wrongdoing, it’s critical that a person charged with the serious wrongdoing or impropriety be given the chance to present his side of the story. That is why I seek a full, impartial inquiry into the charges made against Mr. Burgos.
Upon completion of an impartial inquiry containing the relevant facts, an assessment of the facts, and recommendations from the investigator, then I propose that is the time when all Republicans with whom Mr. Burgos works should make a final decision about what future roles he should play in the Republican Party.
Ready, aim, shoot! Gather the facts, assess them, draw conclusions, make decisions. As Republicans, we must remain faithful to our principles and ensure fair treatment of all Republicans.

Kind regards,

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