Tuesday, February 13, 2018

FCRC Chairman Candidate Hannigan’s Updated Response to Bearing Drift Articles

GOP organizations must carry out their responsibilities  ...

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Dear ,
To protect the integrity of the Republican Party and its reputation for respect of due process and fair treatment, I request Fredy Burgos’ Republican organizations expedite investigating his comments about the need for “a religious test for office” and other controversial statements he has made, as I recommended yesterday.
An article in today’s Bearing Drift entitled “Hannigan’s Failed Response to Burgos’ Bigotry Disqualifies Him from Fairfax Chairmanship,” concludes with the statement “ … that Tim Hannigan is not fit to serve as chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee,” citing “political opportunism” and “weak and vacillating response” to Mr. Burgos’ comments as justification. Nonsense!
To remind, I removed Mr. Burgos from my campaign as soon as I became aware of Mr. Burgos’ comments about Christians having a duty to vote for Christians. I also called for a full inquiry into the matter so I and interested observers could evaluate all the relevant facts. Thus far, I am the only person who has taken concrete personnel actions in response to Mr. Burgos’ comments.
Meanwhile, the three Republican organizations to which Mr. Burgos belongs – the Fairfax County Republican Committee, the 11th District Committee, and the State Central Committee – have taken no action against him during the two years he has been making controversial statements.
Each of these committees’ governing documents allows investigation of disciplinary breaches and authorizes the chairman or a designated number of members to call emergency sessions to address such problems.
Only the 11th District Committee exercised this emergency option during the past fall, and they failed to act. No one filed an appeal of this inaction.
I urge these committees to exercise their emergency authority so that all relevant facts about this matter can be exposed and appropriate actions can be taken swiftly, fairly, and transparently.
Our county, district, and state Republican organizations must enforce the principles of due process and fair treatment of all Republicans as required by the party plan.
By so doing, these organizations will counteract potential charges of arbitrary personnel decision-making, strengthen the allegiance of Republicans (and the wider public), and minimize questions about their commitment to “equal rights, justice, and opportunities” for all individuals, consistent with the Republican Party of Virginia Creed.

Kind regards,

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Fairfax County Republican Convention

When: 9:00 AM, March 17, 2018

Where: South Lakes High School
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Convention Filing Instructions: The deadline for submission of filing forms is February 24. (You do not have to be a member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee to be a delegate to the convention.)

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