Tuesday, March 1, 2016

URGENT – Senate Hearing on HJR 3, Convention of States

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URGENT – Senate Hearing on HJR 3, Convention of States

Virginia's Senate Rules Committee will hear our HJ 3 resolution this Friday morning (March 4th).

I am not exaggerating – the sheer volume of your calls and emails really made an impact on certain Senators.  I am so impressed with the dedication of Virginia's COS supporters!

That said, we are not certain HJ 3 will make it past the Senate Rules Committee.  This is our last opportunity to get action on HJ 3.  We need to show the Senators – in person – that we expect them to support HJ 3.

Can you make it to Richmond for the Hearing?

  • When:  Friday, March 4th at 8:30 a.m.
  • Where:  Senate Room A, General Assembly Building, Richmond Capitol

Please attend the Hearing if at all possibleWe need an impressive turnout to pack the room!  Help us present to the Committee the thousands of petitions signed by Virginia's COS supporters.

The hearing was just posted -- I wish they would give us more notice!   

If you haven't already called and emailed the Senate Rules Committee, please do so now.

Phone numbers - Senate Rules Committee
Sen. Ryan McDougle, Chair - (804) 698-7504
Sen. Tommy Norment. (804) 698-7503
Sen. Emmett Hanger. (804) 698-7524
Sen. Steve Newman. (804) 698-7523
Sen. Frank Ruff. (804) 698-7515
Sen. Frank Wagner. (804) 698-7507
Sen. Mark Obenshain. (804) 698-7526
Sen. Jill Vogel. (804) 698-7527
Sen. Richard Stuart. (804) 698-7528
Sen. Bill Stanley. (804) 698-7520
Sen. Bill Carrico. (804) 698-7540
Sen. Bryce Reeves. (804) 698-7517
Sen. Dick Saslaw. (804) 698-7535
Sen. Mamie Locke. (804) 698-7502
Sen. Rosalyn Dance, (804) 698-7516

Send the Committee members one short email.  Below is a short template you can block / copy and tailor with your personal message.

Send your email to these addresses (block and copy the group into the "To" line):

district04@senate.virginia.gov; district03@senate.virginia.gov; district24@senate.virginia.gov; district23@senate.virginia.gov; district15@senate.virginia.gov; district07@senate.virginia.gov; district26@senate.virginia.gov; district27@senate.virginia.gov; district28@senate.virginia.gov; district20@senate.virginia.gov; district40@senate.virginia.gov; district17@senate.virginia.gov; district35@senate.virginia.gov; district02@senate.virginia.gov; district16@senate.virginia.gov;

Subject:    Vote YES on HJR 3

Dear Rules Committee Member,

I urge you to support HJ 3, Delegate Lingamfelter's application for an Article V convention of the states to impose restraints upon the federal government. This resolution is now awaiting action by the Rules Committee on Friday, March 4th.

I know that you are under incredible pressure by those who oppose Article V of the Constitution.  As a Virginian, I am asking you to take a strong stand in support of ALL of our Constitution--including this Article V process.  It is, after all, the process given to you by our Founding Fathers to preserve liberty.

Thank you, in advance, for being a champion of the Constitution.

[your name]


Thank you for your dedication to our Constitution and our country!

Your COS Virginia Action Team.




























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