Sunday, March 20, 2016

To 375+ Patriots, .....Let's have a moratorium on development in Chesterfield County

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Chairman Steve A. Elswick <>, Dorothy Jaeckle <>,
Jim Holland <>, Leslie Haley <>,
Chris Winslow <>,

Dear Mr Chairman,

Amanda Chase, Roxann Robinson, Riley Ingram & Glen Sturtevant all voted to reduce cash proffer revenue to Chesterfield citizens!

Please publish for the citizens of Chesterfield County the annual loss in cash proffer revenue as a result of SB549.  
The citizens will have to make up for this loss brought on by Chase, Robinson, Ingram & Sturtevant.  It is telling that
 Delegate Ware, Majority Leader Cox and Speaker Howell voted against SB549. 

It is likely these votes were influenced by the developers and the Home Builders Association making contributions to campaigns.  Goto to & search on their last names and then click on "donors by occupation" and see amount from "Real Estate/Construction "

Since the developers are now able to reduce the cost of building a new home in Chesterfield County by nearly $20,000 they can afford
 to contribute this money to politicians.  Since their contribution may be around $20,000, they can recoup their cost by building
just one home.  All the rest of their new development will be pure profit as the poor taxpayers will have to  find a way
 to pay for the up to $6-9 million lost annually because of the reduction in cash proffers.

So, please publish the annual loss in cash proffer revenue as a result of SB549 as soon as possible.

If the county cannot estimate the loss then we will assume it is a full $6-9 million per year loss due to the votes of:
Amanda Chase, Roxann Robinson, Riley Ingram & Glen Sturtevant 

Your attention to this request is so appreciated.

                                                                       A concerned citizen.

***Rumor has it, a leader in the House of Delegates is going to ask his Supervisors to halt all development in his county.
                                                  Sounds like a good idea!!!!

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