Monday, March 14, 2016

Save on Tickets and See Jackson Ward at the 68th Shad Planking and Grapes and Grains Festival

Jackson Ward, "Richmond's #1 Best Country Band", Headlines the 68th Shad Planking's Music


Jackson Ward holds status as the hottest band in the Commonwealth.  They were voted "Richmond's #1 Best Country Band" by Style Magazine.   They are loved and adored by their fans.  And, they will headline the 68th Shad Planking and Grapes and Grains Festival. 


Few bands connect so deeply and completely with their fans.  Jackson Ward treats their supporters like family, and man! can those guys play.  Virginia loves them and they are finally coming to Wakefield.  Do not miss them.

Shad Planking Logo Director of Special Projects
Matthew Nowak
804 277 2788

P.S. Several Important Virginia Politicians have confirmed they will speak.  Stay tuned for further information.

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