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My Decision

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                                  My Decision
The last few days have been encouraging, to say the least.
I want to tell you about my decision to seek election to the US House of Representatives in Virginia's Second District.
First, let me address my exploration of the Lieutenant Governor's office.  It was very humbling, after only being in my third year in Richmond, to have an abundance of conservative elected officials and activists from around Virginia ask me to run.  However, before making this decision official, I thought about what Congressman Rigell's plans for the future might be. After all, I competed with him in the 2010 primary.  His decision last week to not to seek reelection has made me reconsider where I could best serve and be impactful on the issues that we all hold important.
As many of you know, I'm passionate about national and international issues. I have written a book about how our national security and foreign policies are dangerously headed down the wrong path. Upon Rep. Rigell's announcement, we did a snapshot poll to the district, where well over two to one voters said I should run for Congress. Friday night we asked folks to come over to Town Center and sign petitions and just 15 hours later on Saturday 300 supporters and four news crews showed up. Clearly, there is interest in - and excitement about - this campaign.
I understand very well that in a power vacuum there will be jockeying for position. Some will win, some will loose, and sometimes, entrenched politicians become insecure and make horrible decisions based on bad advice. I am blessed to have an amazingly loyal family, circle of friends, and supportive base. Your belief in what we can accomplish together gives me strength and I promise to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in any fight. I will never abandon this community. I will fight hard and I will never quit.
Everyone knows in their hearts that Washington D.C. is broken and people are demanding real, honest change. Those who have been in Washington for a long time have failed to stem sequestration and the weakening of our national security, stop crushing regulatory burdens, and the unrelenting economic hardships on America's families. Together we will be a force multiplier to change America and our community. Those who show up govern us.  Join us
Scott Taylor                                                

P.S. We will be having events all around the district. Tomorrow is our second one at Tubby's Tavern, 5:30-7PM, 2224 Virginia Beach BLVD (at the corner of Great Neck Road and Virginia Beach BLVD).  We hope to see you there! We need support for this effort. Every dollar helps and is appreciated. Will you help with $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or $2700 today?

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Del. Scott Taylor was elected as delegate for Virginia's 85th District in 2013. He is an author, entrepreneur, Iraq War veteran, and former Navy SEAL. Taylor is a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel discussing foreign policy, national security, and military and veterans' issues. He is also a former member of the Virginia War Memorial Board of Trustees, appointed by Gov. Bob McDonnell.  www.scotttaylorva.com 


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