Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is a Balanced Budget Amendment a Good Idea?

Is a Balanced Budget Amendment a Good Idea?
At first blush, a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) outright or a petition for Congress
to call a constitutional convention under the guise of proposing a BBA sounds
like a good idea, but it needs to be given more consideration.
A Balanced Budget Amendment would actually increase the power of the federal
government, because the only restriction on spending would be the amount of
money to be spent on what is now unconstitutional rather than the restrictions of
limiting spending to the listed actions authorized in the Constitution. A BBA would
legitimize the longstanding usurpations of powers by federal officials, thereby further
moving our nation away from its founding as a constitutional republic (rule of law)
and toward being a democracy (rule of men).
If spending cuts could not be agreed upon, and what are the odds on that one,
then it would be necessary to raise taxes or print more money in order to achieve
Most drafts of BBAs have loopholes; exemptions from balancing the budget could
be allowed such as in the event of variously defined national emergencies. How hard
would it be to do that? It could be a war, or if our national security is threatened.
How often is that not the case?
A Balanced Budget Amendment Article V Convention would be a threat to the
Constitution because it would have the inherent power to be a runaway convention
that could make harmful changes in the Constitution, including a new ratification
procedure; or, it could even be completely rewritten and substituted with a Sovietstyle
The Constitution is not the problem. Changing it is not the solution.
Legislators who do not honor their oaths of office and abide by the Constitution are
the problem. Changing the legislators is the solution.
What can you do about it? Contact your state delegate and senator. Virginia has been
targeted to pass a petition to Congress to call a constitutional convention in order
to get a BBA. There are only seven more states needed to reach the required
number of 34 to pass such a petition. Although it would ostensibly be for the
purpose of getting a BBA, once convened the delegates can make the rules and vote
on anything.
Ask your legislators to vote NO to any and all petitions for such a convention.
The Committee for Constitutional Government, Post Office Box 972, Gloucester, VA 23061

Sue Long
"Abide By The Constitution, Not Change It!"

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