Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Event Recap & Thank You



On Sunday, we held the 3rd annual Christmas Town celebration at Busch Gardens to support my campaign committee.  I want to thank the 125 supporters that contributed or came to the event.  It was a huge success and I'm grateful to Busch Gardens for providing such a wonderful venue at the justly named # 1 Holiday Theme Park in America. For those that were unable to attend, I'd like to share a few of its highlights. 


We had a diverse group of supporters, students to seniors, Republicans and Independents, some who are nearly apolitical, even a sponsor who is a highly respected moderate Democrat and former legislator.  As I looked around the room, I recognized that most in attendance were not simply focused on getting someone with an 'R' behind their name in the House or any other elected office for that matter.  Their motivation was much more profound.  It was a concept; the ideal that every citizen deserves an opportunity to be self-sufficient. It's what we endearingly call the American Dream.  I share that belief and have made this my purpose in public service.  The alternative, dependence on government, requires that one forego certain freedoms.  It leads to apathy, animosity, and hopelessness, examples of which are prevalent today.  I see this as our nation's greatest domestic threat and I'm convinced that the remedy is to ensure all citizens have the realistic opportunity to set personal goals in life and a path to achieve them.


Even out of office, I'm grateful to have opportunities to continue public service through my roles as a leader in the Business Development Caucus, Coordinator of the Small Business Subcommittee of the Virginia Chamber, and most recently a member of the Advisory Committee on Higher Education for the House Committee on Education.  Through each I can learn much about issues throughout the state while promoting the key components of opportunity, a growing economy and an education system that prepares students to fill the jobs that follow.


Some supporters came to Sunday's event anticipating the announcement of a campaign kickoff.  To do so at this time would preclude me from participating in the aforementioned roles during the coming weeks of our General Assembly session.  These are opportunities that I simply cannot pass up.  Besides, elected office should not be a goal in itself, but rather a means for effecting positive change.


In the long run however, elected office can provide a means for leadership, at least for some.  And, as I described in my comments Sunday, having now worked both inside and outside of government, I know that I can do more from within.  Thus, at the appropriate time, I will ask voters for that opportunity and support from this event will get the ball rolling.  In the interim, know that I continue working to advance these important causes.


I thank you for your encouragement and support. 


Respectfully yours,





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