Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Chip Tarbutton MA, PMP
Chip Tarbutton MA, PMP has an updated profile (Volunteer Experience).
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Matt Quintero
Matt Quintero has an updated profile (Education).
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Matt Quintero
Matt Quintero has added skills: Technical Writing
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chris adams
chris adams has an updated profile (Volunteer Experience).
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T Stall
T Stall shared an article
image for FRESH & LOCAL:...
FRESH & LOCAL: Private land trusts attracting attention of General Assembly - Star Exponent:...
As I wrote in last week's column, there appears to be a major development in Martha Boneta's long battle with the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). In an article that appeared Dec. 3rd on the website, Kevin Mooney reported...
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Karen Hurd
Karen Hurd Are you a troublemaker? "Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo." - Stephane Bourque, Founder Incognito Software Systems
image for 15 Signs You're an...
15 Signs You're an Entrepreneur
Do the following traits, characteristics and quirks describe you?
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Marlon-David Sias
Marlon-David Sias GovTech GSA advises federal agencies on how to release more datasets to the public
image for GSA advises federal...
GSA advises federal agencies on how to release more datasets to the public
The General Services Administration, which oversees and manages the federal government's open data hub, has released a document to help more agencies publish their datasets to the platform for public use.
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US Patriot
US Patriot
Student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Sue Sherrill
Sue Sherrill
Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution Professional
Ron Blevins
Ron Blevins
Smyth County Supervisor at Smyth County VA
Robert Dean
Robert Dean
Owner, Virginia News Source
New Connections
Richard Buchanan
Richard Buchanan has 2 new connections
Andrew Clark Bernadette Barber  
John Taylor
John Taylor has 6 new connections
Matthew Carran Alexander Holt Andrew Clark Clint Lumpkins Bill Gunter Michael Gerber  
Thom Ayres
Thom Ayres has 2 new connections
Louie Pinto Maureen Martinez  
John Bloom
John Bloom has 6 new connections
Suzanne Shultz Barbara Tabb Joshua Fisher Aldo Forte Estelle Bermudez Alan Keyes  
Mike Thompson + Gianluca Varisco Mike Thompson is now connected to Gianluca Varisco
Andrew Reshefsky + Ethan OToole Andrew Reshefsky is now connected to Ethan OToole
Greg Garrett
Greg Garrett was endorsed by 5 people for Real Estate Transactions, Investment Properties, First Time Home Buyers, Entrepreneurship, Sellers
Cathy Colbert Amy Condon John Baldwin Erika Congress Michael Townes  
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J. D. "Danny" Diggs
J. D. "Danny" Diggs was endorsed by 5 people for Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Firearms, Homeland Security, Criminal Investigations
Anthony Turner  Sr. Ileana Ortiz Leslie Deluca Sharon Sherman TTC Home Improvement Enterprise  
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Jamie Radtke
Jamie Radtke was endorsed by 4 people for Public Speaking, Leadership, Political Campaigns
Donald H Kinum Jr, CCVRS, CGA Diane Messenger Dale Swanson Karen Hurd  
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