Friday, June 27, 2014

Check out these numbers

Robert --

Virginia’s governor and his secular allies are furious with the citizens of Virginia.

They’re angry because voters elected a General Assembly who rejected the governor’s scheme to expand taxpayer-funded healthcare.

The Governor declared to the media that, one way or another, he will find a trick to pass his progressive agenda without approval from the voters!
This is an extremist agenda that forces taxpayers to pay for abortions.

Robert, nearly 250 years ago, a king thought he also didn't need approval from citizens to pass new laws.

We know the rest of the story.

But what some may not realize, the heart of this rebellion was the pastors who spoke like thunder from the pulpits. They organized the colonists to protect their God-given freedom.

We need pastors to speak like thunder, once again, to unite pro-family Virginians to secure a pro-family majority!

I know you agree, Robert. But I need to share something with you that might come as a surprise.

Church leaders believe all their church members vote on election day. But we've run the numbers and this is, unfortunately, not true.

Right now, races are so close across Virginia, that we need every Christian to vote.

Take a look at these figures from the last election where pro-family candidates lost to secular progressives:

Senate Seat: lost by 11 votes
House Seat: lost by 223 votes
House Seat: lost by 1,038 votes
Governor: lost by only 2.5 percent
Attorney General: lost by less than 1,000 votes out of 2.2 million!

Plain and simple, if more Christians had voted on election day, we wouldn't have to deal with a governor who will subvert the rule of law to pass his secular agenda.

But we have a plan to change that.

Right now, my team is organizing training for pastors across Virginia, with your financial sponsorship, so they can be sure every one of their church members is registered to vote and actually votes on election day.

Will you sponsor our campaign to train pastors how to organize their congregations on election day with a contribution of $50 or more?

Across the Commonwealth, there are 5,500 churches. Over the summer, we will identify which churches need to be trained to keep King McAuliffe's agenda out of Virginia!

But with storerooms filled with outside cash, progressives are building an infrastructure for the next election to defeat us, once and for all.

As you surely know, our own governor is raising money to defeat us -- after all, we are the biggest obstacle to his anti-Christian agenda.

And Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Howard Dean are flooding Virginia with millions of dollars to snatch Virginia from its pro-family roots!

This is why it's urgent that we train pastors to organize their congregations to vote their values on election day!

Robert, time is running short. We cannot wait until election day to train pastors. The secular left has already started training their activists on the ground. We MUST do the same.

Will you immediately support our campaign to halt McAuliffe's radical agenda?

Will you financially commit to secure a pro-family Virginia by clicking and following this link to contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 right now?

Tell King McAuliffe and his extremist friends that their anti-family values aren’t welcome in Virginia.

For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb

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