Monday, June 2, 2014

Action Alerts - Medicaid Expansion

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A 'compromise' has been put forward that would grease the skids for Medicaid expansion in Virginia.  ATP opposes Medicaid expansion because it offends our core values (limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility).

Details below.  Also, we note that the compromise has already occurred.  A commission was established in a bipartisan fashion in 2013 to examine the question of expanding Medicaid.  The commission (the MIRC) has not finished its work.  Now the Democrats, and some Republicans, want to throw out the old compromise and put in a new compromise.

Why is it that we are always being asked to compromise in a way that moves the ball down the field away from our core values?  Why doesn't the ball ever move back in our direction?

-ATP Executive Committee

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From Middle Resolution -

The Time to Act is NOW

Sen. Hanger Proposes Unacceptable Terms

- May 29, 2014 


Sen. Hanger has proposed a compromise on Medicaid expansion in Virginia.  Governor McAuliffe said he is "intrigued" and "thinks [he] would support it." However, Hanger's proposal has a caveat that is not acceptable. He wants to change how the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission (MIRC) votes. There are five House members and five Senate members on the MIRC.  Presently, authorization to expand requires a majority vote from both chambers - just like any other policy - represented by members on the MIRC.  Sen. Hanger suggested the rules be changed to require a simple majority vote from the MIRC as a whole.  With this, only one vote on the commission would need to be flipped. THIS WOULD BE A VERY RISKY PROPOSAL!



Governor McAuliffe and big-government Democrats, along with three expansion-loving Republicans (Senators Watkins, Stosch and Hanger), are on the run. We must stop them!  The time to act is NOW! 


1. Contact your delegate and senator and tell them to Separate Medicaid from the budget and do not accept any conditions that change the way the MIRC votes for expansion!  Find your legislators here 

2. Contact  Senators Stosch, Watkins and Colgan and tell them to 

Separate Medicaid from the budget and do not change the way the MIRC votes for expansion.  


There is urgency in this matter. As General George Patton once said, "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." 

In Liberty,

Craig DiSesa

Director of Legislation and Accountability

The Middle Resolution




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