Sunday, December 30, 2012

Special meeting requested

If you recall, the kNOw campaign fought an unConstitutional tax increase for this area, which later morphed into HB3202, or the infamous Transportation Authority in our state, VA, which wanted 30 years of taxes before any road improvements were done…this is a monster that will keep coming back year after year. In fact, It's Back…so soon. 

Now the Transportation Authorities have come back to Northern VA and Tidewater with even more power in mind. If you recall, they spent $233,000+ of Virginia's money before they were stopped by a lawsuit Del. Bob Marshall brought to the Supreme Court of Virginia. His lawsuit won unanimously. The bill is here: 
and you will notice who brings it and who supports it in the coming days as this battle again heats up. We count on you to make sure people understand what this is, as it has always been: just more taxes, not a thing more. Who benefits? The same folks that would have benefitted before.

Please get ready to rumble, we will need your help fast. Write a letter to the editor NOW, speak at your city council or BOS meeting, and if you have any questions about any of this, call me, I will write your letter or your speech to give to your local government's next meeting. Get ready for a demonstration which could happen at any time and please plan to lobby against this MONSTER THAT WOULDN'T DIE at Lobby Day in January.

Cary Nunnally
757 591 8479
There are no permanent allies.
There are no permanent enemies.
There are only permanent issues.

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