Monday, December 31, 2012

Fwd: Invite to Jan. 3 luncheon with Governor Bob McDonnell honoring AG Ken Cuccinelli

Hope to see you Jan 3. Please encourage others to help Ken.

The Peninsula Friends of

Ken Cuccinelli for Governor



Delegate Gordon Helsel

Delegate Brenda Pogge

Delegate David Yancey


Dick Ashe * Bobby Ashe * Mickey Chohany *

Glen Davenport  * Sheriff J. D. "Danny" Diggs 

Bob Fitzgerald *Greg Garrett * Richard Locke 

 Jack & Muriel Greenhalgh * Hon. Ben Hahn

Harry Heyson * Tom & Ann Hunnicutt, III

Randall & Terri Hudgins * Bill Smith 

Terry & Patti Hall *  Mike & Kathy Melo 

Tom & Donna Morr  

   Richard & Cathy Pearce * Phil & Pat Richardson  Robert S. Roberson * Ward Scull * Bill Thomas

Chip & Tamzen Trieshmann  *  Jeff Wassmer   Dwight & Barbara West * Charles Young

Cordially invite you to a Reception and Luncheon honoring

Ken Cuccinelli

Attorney General (VA)


Special Guest

Governor Bob McDonnell


Thursday, January 3, 2013



11:15 a.m. Private Reception & Photo op with

Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli


12:00 noon -  Luncheon


Marriott Newport News City Center

740 Town Center Drive

Newport News, VA 23606


* The invitation and response form is attached. You can also RSVP by responding to this email



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