Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Prayed. You Voted. Now What?


Victoria Cobb, President

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You Prayed.  You Voted.  Now What?

We have received several phone calls in our office from individuals wanting to know what they can do in the aftermath of the election because they want to make a difference, but don’t know where to start. 

As the results of last week’s elections continue to sink in, I know many of you are beyond disappointed.  The sense that we “did everything we could” but didn’t taste victory is discouraging.  But I'd like to say that you and I have nothing for which to be ashamed.  Our principles are the only hope for our nation. 

If we want to see real change in this nation, it begins with transforming hearts and minds.  And that’s up to us.  This is not an overnight process – it begins with you talking to your friend, who talks to another friend, who talks to another friend.  And change begins here, right in our backyard.  One man cannot singlehandedly accomplish the renewal of our nation; rather, change begins locally.  When you start talking to those around you, I think you’ll be surprised to learn how many in the pews next to you or in the homes next door to you did not vote according to what God values on Election Day.  This goes back to changing hearts and minds, one by one.  Would you be willing to join us in this effort?


If so, the following is a list of action items (some small and easily achievable, others are more challenging, but will produce visible change) that you can take to get involved to change hearts and minds:


·       Pray for Your Legislators:  Commit to praying daily for your local, state and federal elected officials.  Send them a letter telling them that you will be holding them up in prayer and petitioning God for wisdom for them as they serve the people.

·       Visit Your Pastor:  Set up a meeting with your pastor and talk to him about the importance of teaching biblical worldview and civic responsibility.  Challenge your pastor to considering bulletin inserts about the sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, the role of government, religious liberty, or why Christians should get involved in government.  Additionally, introduce The Family Foundation to your pastor so we can be sure to provide him with free, available resources from our pastor network.

·       Meet your legislator: Now’s the time, before they get to Richmond, to go and meet your state Delegate and Senator.  If you don’t know who they are, click here to find out, and meet them.  They want to hear from constituents!  And they do work for you.

·       Host a Dessert:  Invite 10-20 of your friends/neighbors to your house for dessert and a Family Foundation representative will come and share about The Family Foundation and how to get involved and make a difference in government.  Help us change hearts and minds one person at a time.  Call The Family Foundation about details of how to arrange this (804-343-0010).

·       Sign up for Emails:  Forward this alert to your friends and ask them to sign up for our email alerts.  During the General Assembly, we will keep you up to date on legislative action that seeks to advance our values.  Additionally, we will provide opportunities for you to contact your legislator to encourage them to vote correctly.  In past years, we’ve seen just one email or phone call make a difference in how a legislator votes – don’t underestimate your influence as a voter!

·       Capitol Event on January 9th:  Mark January 9th from 9:30-11:30am on your calendar to join us for a special day at the Capitol.  Commit to bringing 10 friends with you.  This event will serve to educate you on the battles facing us right here in Virginia as well as provide you with specific action items for how you can get involved.

·       Volunteer:  The Family Foundation always has projects we need help with.  Contact Marie (804-343-0010 or for more information.


Thanks for considering how you can get involved and make a difference for our future.

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