Friday, November 2, 2012

VA-ALERT: Stand-Your-Ground bill ready for vetting by attorneys!

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Attorney, and brand new EM, Dan Hawes has put together a proposed bill to codify Virginia's Stand-Your-Ground and Defense-of-Habitation common law and case law. We have run this proposed bill by VCDL's Legal Advisory Committee and have incorporated their suggested changes already.

We are looking for as many Virginia attorneys as possible to look at the proposed bill and give us their comments.

THE INTENT OF THE PROPOSED BILL IS NOT TO CHANGE THE LAW, but to codify it so that Virginia's self-defense law is easy to find, read, and understand. That's important for citizens, police, lawyers, and judges.

We will be seeking input until November 30th, at which time, based on the comments, VCDL will decide whether to find some legislators to introduce the proposed bill or whether Virginia is better served leaving well enough alone. We absolutely do not want to weaken our self-defense laws in any way. Plus, there is always a danger whenever a new law is passed that courts could interpret it in a non-favorable way.

If you are an attorney or a judge, we want your input! If you know an attorney that you feel should take a look at this proposed bill, please forward this email to them.

I will be contacting the Virginia Association of Commonwealth Attorneys to ensure that prosecutors will vet the bill, too.

Here is a link to the web page where the proposed bill can be downloaded:


Additional information to the alert earlier today on the upcoming election.

I forgot to mention that only one third-party candidate for President has returned his survey and that is the Constitution Party candidate, Virgil Goode. His survey was very pro-gun. On the positive side, while in the General Assembly, Virgil Goode introduced, and got passed, the "shall issue" CHP bill in 1995. I don't know of any negatives other than the practical issue that he's only on the ballot in about half of the states, with write-in status in 16 more states.

We still do not have surveys from either the Libertarian candidate for President, Gary Johnson, or the Green Party candidate for President, Jill Stein.

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