Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bear Witness - Important Information for America's Conservative Leaders


                     Waking up America


                     Important Information for America's

                   Conservative Leaders


September 11, 2012                                                      


Dear Conservative Leaders and Fellow Americans:


Join Our Army Help Save America

We put up some major speed bumps in 2010 to slow down the radical leftists intent on moving America away from the idea of our Founders,  but the real battle will take place in November of 2012.  It has been said that 2010 was a restraining order on big Government, while 2012 will be an EVICTION NOTICE!


With your help, we plan to train and inform the grassroots all across the United States to MAKE A STAND for America.


CodeRed USA brings together for the first time in history the TOOLS + TECHNOLOGY + TROOPS + ENERGY + PLAN which will = a Conservative Republican Victory in November of 2012.


Enlist today and join millions of other freedom loving Americans so that we will not have to apologize to future generations and tell them about a time in America when we were the envy of all those who yearned for freedom and liberty. We owe it to the brave men and women who have given their lives to defend America, and upon whose blood and sacrifice we are allowed the chance to prosper in the greatest nation on GOD’s green earth.


No matter where you live, no matter your political experience, you can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Get involved, get informed, and train to WIN THE BATTLE in 2012. Basic Training starts today with your commitment.


One of our projects is as follows:





RV owners volunteer their time and vehicle to drive through key battleground swing states functioning as “Mobile Command Centers” to energize and motivate our conservative voters to engage and to defeat Obama, hold the House, and win the Senate in November.  These RVs will be decorated with signage using a special 3M peel and stick material that can stay on for a year and be removed with absolutely no damage to even the clear coat much less the paint of the vehicle.


We will equip these mobile command centers with internet “hot spots” so volunteers can operate computers on board making phone calls and doing other work while functioning as rolling campaign offices handing out literature, signs, blank voter registration forms and doing other vital work.  We will at no cost to the RV Patriots provide large decals to go on the coaches that are made on a special 3M cling product (IJ36).  This product is specially designed for this use and will have no effect on the finish of the coach when removed even after a year.  It simply peels right off. All we need are pictures and measurement and we will ship the decals right to your door with “easy to install” instructions.  We have targeted 6 states initially in which to operate these mobile command centers:  Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  We need RV patriots from these states or neighbor states as long as they will agree to operate in the swing state.


We have funding to reimburse the fuel costs for any RV Patriots that request it.  We are planning a swing state bus tour down the stretch linking up with our state and regional RV Patriots to convoy into towns escorted by our “Biker Patriots” on the way to a pre-arranged rally to organize, energize, and mobilize the GOTV effort.  We want to create the maximum buzz possible to attract volunteers, activists, voters, and press before moving on to the next town and state.  All aboard!!!!  All interested RV Patriots should contact me ASAP for details or with questions:  Thanks for helping save America.


Fred Solomon

334-567-8000 H

334-312-5410 C

















Provide the conservative information to Hispanics by telling them about Libertad USA


Bear Witness Central is a member of the American Hispanic Coalition

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Member of American Hispanic Coalition, Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Network


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