Friday, September 7, 2012

60 days of intense politicking to come!

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Grassroots Action Alert
September 7, 2012


60 Days of politicking in the race for the presidency!
With both parties' political conventions done and their nominations and platforms in place, the next 60 days will be a whirlwind of campaign stops, ads, fundraisers, promises and rhetoric for both the Obama and Romney camps.

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Today you'll find these stories and many more... on the Campaign Trail Report

2012 Election Landscape - Electoral College Map

Romney Economic Plan Has Support of Economists in Fifty States, Seven More to Go

Report: Obama Fails to Open Offices for Military Voting

DNC Attendees Excited to Belong to the Government (Video)

Clinton Says Obama Didn’t Change Welfare Reform, GAO Says Different

Fact Checking Michelle’s Tale of Woe

Did Axelrod Strong-Arm Gallup Over Poll Showing Obama Down?

Dem Delegate Says She Would Like to Kill Mitt Romney

Turns Out Democrats Aren’t All That Pro-Choice After All (Video)

MSNBC Has Black Conservative Kicked Out of Its Pavilion

Allen West Launches Ad Blasting Democrats Over Booing God

Yet Another Good Reason to Keep GOP in Control of House… Pelosi May Step Down as Dem Leader

Tolerance at DNC Convention Doesn’t Extend to Conservatives (Video)
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