Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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We need to contact our Delegates and ask them to oppose the two "Castle Doctrine" bills that are still alive. We need to do this ASAP as they could be voted on after 11 AM on Wednesday, March 7.

We oppose these bills for several key reasons:

* They could unintentionally weaken the excellent common law self-defense laws we enjoy in Virginia (we are a stand-your-ground state already).

* The bills only cover your house. If you are attacked on the porch or in your yard or at the store, they don't cover you. Common law does!

* The bills require the person you are defending yourself from enter the house illegally. What if they are invited in and then suddenly attack you? Not covered by these bills, while you are protected under common law.

* While the bills are supposed to only cover civil suits, they could still give a judge the power to reinterpret the law and that could affect existing criminal protections. (Any new law is up for interpretation by judges.) Common law has been through hundreds of years of interpretation and settled a long time ago.

* We don't know of any civil suits that have been filed, much less won, against someone who otherwise lawfully defended themselves. There is no need to rush such a critical change to the law.

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Let's roll!

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