Sunday, March 25, 2012

Governor McDonnell: Sign House Bill 1160 to protect the freedoms of Virginians -- petition

Please sign this petition!
Unless we keep the public pressure up, we Virginians will be subject to being jailed without due process. 
Virginians have the chance to be exempt from this portion of the NDAA that is just another example of overbearing federal power over US citizens. In so doing, (it already passed overwhelmingly in both houses of the General Assembly and only requires that the Governor sign it into law), it would pave the way for other states to enact such exemption.

When you sign the page, the next screen that pops up is a plea from the folks who run the petition site to donate to their company. Your choice, but to me, they would be better served by allowing us to collect donations and take a commission; I didn't donate to them. Again, your choice.

When we we have a suitable amount of signatures, we will approach our elected officials to urge them to support this legislation. 

Forgive this email if it is redundant.

Live free.

Cary Nunnally 757 358 8472

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