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Update Week 9/ Trump Wins Big/ Session Ending Soon/ More

I'm Running for Congress to "Save America"

Christian Conservative
Team Trump 2024!
President Donald J. Trump with Senator John McGuire at the Virginia Trump Rally in Richmond last week. Click here to listen my remarks, see photos, and learn more!
Super Duper Tuesday, Trump Wins Bigly!
Governor Glenn Youngkin endorses Trump!
AG Jason Miyares endorses Trump!
Rep. Jen Kiggans endorses Trump!
WLNI Interview, A Bizarre Race for the 5th!
This morning I was on WLNI radio Lynchburg. For some reason my opponent keeps forgetting to tell people he was told over and over the night before not to show up at the Farmville, VA Trump store opening. Hmmm....My opponents bizarre behavior and non-stop bad judgement are showing the people day after day We can do better than Good!

Virginia Trump Rally News
We can’t afford to elect a GOP Congressmen who will betray Trump. Click here for my Trump rally remarks, photos, and more.
More Radio Interviews This Week
Jeff Katz Show
John Fredericks Radio Show
WRVA John Reid
Joe Thomas Radio
2024 Session Update Week 9
The General Assembly convened on January 10th. I am working hard with Governor Glenn Youngkin, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, and fellow legislators to make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family. There are so many threats to Virginia: open borders, lawlessness, skyrocketing costs, the mess in our schools, the fentanyl streaming across the border, and more. We have much work to do.

Session will be over Saturday March 9th.

Here is some of what is on my mind and what we have been up to:
SB 222 Cyber Security Passes Both Chambers
My bill SB 222 on cyber security passed both chambers and is on the governors desk! With cyber security threats on the rise, it is imperative we take action to secure our Commonwealth’s infrastructure and protect tax payer data.
SB 630 Dispatchers/ First Responders Passes Both Chambers!
My dispatchers bill (SB 630) passed the House and is now on the Governor’s signature. Thank you to all first responders for the incredible work you do in keeping our communities safe! Click here to learn why this is so important.
SB 603 Priority Treatment Jailed Pregnant and Addicted Women Passes the House Appropriations Committee
My bill SB 603, which will give incarcerated pregnant women preferential treatment for drug rehab programs, is now on the governors desk. I have visited the women's jail in Goochland County and I've heard reports around the district about the challenges faced by pregnant women in jail to attend drug rehab programs. Incarcerated pregnant women (those held in federal or state prisons, jails, or juvenile detention facilities) make up one of the most vulnerable segments of society, with higher rates of mental illness, drug addiction, and histories of trauma than incarcerated men. This bill will create a work group to find answers on how to help rehabilitate young and not so young women with the triple threat of being incarcerated, being pregnant, and being addicted.
This Week:
Fluvanna High School Government Class
Fluvanna High School Government Class
My seatmates in the Senate!
Military Caucus
Helping Trump get out the vote mornings before session. “I voted for Trump this morning after seeing John waving at cars on Ashland Rd. and I signed his petition for Congress at the precinct.” -George Hanover County #SuperTuesday
In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump could NOT be kicked off the ballot. This was a great ruling for the United States and another blow to the radical left.
A Democrat bill to allow illegal aliens to become police officers. Nuts!
Are you surprised that "ESG Advocacy" is bad for business? I'm not.
Communist DEI policies continues to threaten our colleges, businesses, and military. We must fight as hard as possible to eradicate DEI from our great Commonwealth. Can you believe UVA spends $20 million dollars to teach racism? Click here.
Our fluffy dog Remi!
Governor Youngkin held a press conference to speak about his proposed budget. Unfortunately, Democrats are playing partisan politics.
California continues to prioritize illegal immigrants over its own citizens. This is yet another example of what we mean by Democrat America last policies. We must secure our border and protect our nation from the flow of illegal immigrants flooding our country. This starts by sending President Trump back to the White House.
I had a great conversation with Navy men from the the USS Arlington LPD 24. Thank you for your service!
Class of '24 Senate Page Graduation. Thank you to Pages for all you do to help us legislate in the General Assembly!
Reverend Mark Jenkins Goochland
I had the honor of introducing Rev. Mark H. Jenkins, a Richmond native, who was named by the state of Israel as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Jewish state. Pastor Jenkins currently serves as the Associate Pastor in residence at Berea Baptist Church in Rockville, VA.
2024 McGuire State Senate Legislative Agenda
Here is some of the legislation brought to me by constituents and sponsored by me to improve Virginia.

Ramona Christian: Volunteer Coordinator Trump Campaign

If you would like to volunteer, make phone calls, and help with the Trump campaign efforts in Virginia and Nationally please contact Ramona Christian, the Buckingham County GOP Chair, at or 434-391-4546. 
I'm running for Congress because the enemy isn't at the gate -- the enemy is THROUGH the gate and in our communities. Open borders, fentanyl, lawlessness, out of control spending, and more. Our country is in big trouble. I am running to represent the people of the 5th Congressional District because I am a conservative with a record of building teams to solve problems. We can do better than Good.

I've been all over the district and I can tell you the 5th Congressional District loves Trump and the America First Agenda! 

I invite you and your friends to join me in this cause. Take care, please spread the word and I look forward to seeing you around the district!
For God and Country,

Senator John McGuire
Soli Deo Gloria
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Pro-Life (Speech)
Pro-Gun (Speech)
Pro-Israel (Speech)
American Legion Member
VFW (Life Member)
NRA (Life Member)
Highest Award for Conservatism (ACU/ CPAC)
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100 (Life Member) 
The Spirit of Virginia

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