Sunday, March 3, 2024

Trump Rally Richmond GOTV / McGuire Remarks/ We The People/ Vote Tuesday/ Photos

I'm Running for Congress to "Save America"

Christian Conservative
Get Out The Vote Trump 2024
We had a wonderful time at the Trump Rally at the Greater Richmond Convention Center! It was a huge honor to address the crowd and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Vote Trump on Tuesday!
Unlike my opponent, I have been with President Trump since the moment he came down the escalator and in Congress I will work with Trump to pass his America First Agenda. We spent over three hours shaking many hands, we caught up with many friends, and my wife Tracy and I had a wonderful conversation with President Donald J. Trump. So glad my Dad could make it.
Tuesday is Super Tuesday and it is the last day to vote for Trump in the presidential primary. So get ten friends and GO VOTE! Find specific info about your polling place here.
Ramona Christian: Volunteer Coordinator Trump Campaign
If you would like to volunteer, make phone calls, and help with the Trump campaign efforts in Virginia and nationally please contact Ramona Christian, the Buckingham County GOP Chair, at or 434-391-4546. 
My Dad, John McGuire Jr.
My father, age 82, and a US Army Veteran, insisted on going to the Trump rally. He is part of four generations of John McGuires to serve in the US Military, including my son who is stationed in Hawaii. Seeing my Dad overcome challenges in his life gave me the courage to serve our country as a Navy SEAL.
Don't Forget to Vote Trump Tuesday
Don't forget to vote for Trump Tuesday, GO VOTE! Find specific info about your polling place here.
Two Different Rally Experiences
Everyone was full of smiles yesterday, except my opponent. You can see my opponent and I had two very different experiences at the Virginia GOTV Trump Rally.

Spending time with We The People
It was great to share the stage at the Virginia GOTV Trump rally with fellow event speakers Delegate A.C. Cordoza and Delegate Wren M. Williams.
Rev. Leon Benjamin
I'm running for Congress because the enemy isn't at the gate -- the enemy is THROUGH the gate and in our communities. Open borders, fentanyl, lawlessness, out of control spending, and more. Our country is in big trouble. I am running to represent the people of the 5th Congressional District because I am a conservative with a record of building teams to solve problems. We can do better than Good.

I've been all over the district and I can tell you the 5th Congressional District loves Trump and the America First Agenda! 

I invite you and your friends to join me in this cause. Take care, please spread the word and I look forward to seeing you around the district!
For God and Country,

Senator John McGuire
Soli Deo Gloria
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Pro-Life (Speech)
Pro-Gun (Speech)
Pro-Israel (Speech)
American Legion Member
VFW (Life Member)
NRA (Life Member)
Highest Award for Conservatism (ACU/ CPAC)
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100 (Life Member) 
The Spirit of Virginia

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